Christie’s Art of The Horse~ Shanghai and Hong Kong!

Ma Jin “Fine Horse”

This week, an amazing celebration of the horse is  taking place in Shanghai to celebrate the year of the horse! The elite Christie’s Auction house has put together a wide range of horse related art works through out the centuries.  This event will run in Shanghai from the 21st  of October to the 4th of November, and then is Hong Kong through the 21st-25 of November! Shanghai even hosted the Longine’s  International Horse Festival!


 Shanghai| 21 October – 4 November 2014
Hong Kong | 21 – 25 November 2014

Christie’s is proud to present The Art of the Horse, a ground-breaking cross-departmental private sales exhibition to be showcased in Shanghai and Hong Kong this fall at the culmination of the Chinese Year of the Horse. Coinciding with the grand opening of Christie’s new Shanghai headquarters at the Ampire Building (21 October-4 November), and shown at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (21-25 November) at the time of the Hong Kong Autumn Auctions, the exhibition features highly important works exploring the portrayal and symbolism of the horse from diverse cultures across the ages.

This unique show comprises over 50 works from a broad range of collecting categories, from paintings, drawings and photographs to sculpture, jade and jewelry, with a total value of over US $30 million. Incorporating the best of Chinese and international artists, from Antiquities to Post-War and Contemporary Art, The Art of the Horse offers a fascinating insight into how different cultures have engaged and connected with this beguiling creature through artistic expression~


Edgar Degas ” Horse Rearing”


Edgar Degas ” Horse and Jockey”


Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo “A Saddle Horse”
Tim Flach “Unico Shaking, May 2006”
Park Sung-Tae ” Horses”
Sir Alfred Munnings ” Forrest Scene: Man and Grey Horses Of The Canadian Forrestry Corps Drawing Timber”
John Wootton ” Setting Out For The Chase”
Fredrick Remington ” Hole In The Day”


Two Terracotta Hose and Riders
Barthelemy Prieur
A Celadon Jade Horse Head-Hilted Dagger
A Very Rare Imperial White Jade Horse Group
Close Up
Fernando Botero ” Horse With Bridle “
James Ward “A Favorite Hunter Of Lord Maynard”
Close Up
Xu Beihong ” Horses Drinking”
Marino Marini
John Fredrick Remington ” The Start of The Goodwood Gold Cup, 1831
Attributed to Ferdinando Tacca ” Model of A Pacing Horse”


Francesco Fanelli “A model Of A Leaping Horse”
Pottery Figures
An Attic Black Figured Amphora
A large Roman Marble Mosaic Panel
An Ottoman Gilt (tombak) Chamfron

Olivier De La Marche ” Le Chevalier Delibere “


Close Up
Tixi Lacquer Saddle
Close Up
Frants Roubaud ” A Tale Of The Caucasus”
George Stubbs ” A Grey Horse”
Chris Levine “Frankel Pop Icon, 2013”
Wood Saddle Qing Dynasty
Nic Fiddian Green “Still Water”

Chris Levine “Frankel Super Star, 2013”

To see more horse art and to read more about the artists, visit their catalogue:

Hope you get a chance to see this great catalogue, it’s really worth the while to see it!


Come buck Friday, I have a very interesting post on one of this weekends prominent trophies!


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !


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