AOTH SAVES A Horse (Picking Back Up In Late 2019)



This one of a kind project is uniting horse lovers around the world! Whether you are a art collector or artist, you can join forces with us make a difference in the world.


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Art Of The Horse Saves A Horse will be taking place on our Facebook Group (free to join!) each month, starting for the first time in November 2018. Each month, we will have a feature charity that will provide our artists with five images of their adoptable horses for our artists to create, each in their own unique artistic expression.

As artists create their work throughout the month, the artwork will be for sale, with 50% going towards the charity of the month. This will go towards rescuing a new horse, medical/vet bills and general supplies/needs that all hard working horse rescues are in need of. This will show off five horses that are looking for homes, give financial help towards a horse rescue, and support artists worldwide!

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Charities will be chosen each month from around world-uniting horse lovers and creating an impactful change. Will you join us as an art collector, artist or online supporter?

Please take a moment to share this page with your fellow horse lovers! This is open to everyone, no matter where you are in the world!

Please read:

-To share and support our project, please copy the link in the address bar and share on social media and with your friends! Then, feel free to join our online group of horse art enthusiasts-the largest group on Facebook just for equine art lovers! The more people know about this, the more horses we can help.

Uniting together to save horses from around the world -through art.

For collectors:

-Art will be posted and updated in an article here on the blog and in our group. To join the event online and be the first to see new art and all the updates, please be sure to join-its free and opens the doors to the world’s fabulous equine art and artists!

-If you are interested in buying any of the art in this project, please send an email or message detailing the art work you would like to purchase. 50% of the price will need to be given to the charity and the other 50% to the artist (as well as price of shipping) before the artwork is shipped to you.

-Buyer pays shipping.

-No refunds.

-Any questions or comments, feel free to email me.

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For Artists:

-There is no size requirement or restrictions.

-Open to artists of all ages and locations.

-The buyer of your art pays shipping.

-If you receive interest in your art piece for sale through this project, please send me their name and contact information as they will need to speak with me regarding the transaction to the rescue.

-Please share with your friends, followers and fellow horse lovers!