A History Of The Waler Horse Of Australia Through Art, Part 1: “1,000 Horses” Art Exhibit Marks 100th Anniversary

On view until February 24th, 2018, the exhibit of artist Shaun Gladwell, titled “1,000 Horses” marks the 100th anniversary since the The Battle of Beersheba,  when the Allied Forces defeated the Ottoman Empire. Called one of the last  major battles to include mounted infantry, over one hundred horses that were apart of the Australian Light Horse Brigade fought in the battle, with 70 dying on the battlefield and from wounds sustained from fighting. The soldiers and horses were trained in the Australian desert, to prepare for their time in the dry deserts of Israel. Instead of having the focus on the battle itself, Shaun focus’s on the horses who fought during the battle.


The photographs that are being exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art were taken in the Negev Desert in Israel and in Australia, showing the horse’s life cycle through the form of a Waler horse, the same Australian breed that fought 100 years ago. However, this particular horse was bred in Israel.


An interesting aspect to the exhibit is that the photographs will be screened through virtual-reality glasses, and will feature a 3-D printed sculpture of a Roman horse and rider both partially damaged, leading one to think about the fragile relationship between humans and the world around us. For more information, go here.



All photos copyright of the artist.

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