~The “Ideal Horse” Artist Orren Mixer~ Edmond, Oklahoma, USA

We had a storm that fried our modem again….for the third time!I hope you enjoy reading and seeing one of the most famous western equine artists Orren Mixer! He is most famous for painting the “Ideal” Quarter and Paint horses for their respective organizations.

Orren Mixer

On of the most famous paintings  of the American Quarter Horse is  known around the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) headquarters as “The Mixer Horse”. It was painted by the famous equine artist Orren Mixer, known for his perfect horse paintings of various horse breeds, most famous for the Paint and Quarter horse paintings.

In 1967 AQHA Convention that was held in New Orleans, the public information committee decided  to commission a portrait of an “ideal” Quarter Horse for promotional purposes.

Orren Mixer of Oklahoma wasn’t the first person commissioned.  Darol Dickinson of Colorado, a respected equine artist’s masterpiece was rejected, and Mixer was chosen next.

Orren brought his ideal Quarter Horse painting to Amarillo, TX for the committee’s inspection in June 1968. Warren Shoemaker of New Mexico, a horse breeder said there was only one thing wrong with it: The horse wasn’t carrying the Shoemaker brand. The painting now hangs near the president’s room at AQHA’s headquarters.

Mixer bred and raised eight registered American Quarter Horses. These horses went on to either race or perform in the show ring. He was admitted  into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 1993, and died in 2008.



Legends III depicts four great horses in Quarter Horse history: Question Mark, Jackstraw, Two Eyed Jack, and Poco Lena.



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