10 Paintings Depicting The $12 Million “Pegasus Cup” Favorites-California Chrome & Arrogate!

With the richest thoroughbred race is history happening this week at Gulfstream Park in Florida, USA, I thought I would share paintings depicting the two favorites- California Chrome and Arrogate- to celebrate this game changing race. 12 horses will race to win the 12 million Pegasus World Cup, with the first place winner receiving 7 million US dollars this weekend.

There’s not many paintings of Arrogate that I could find, but plenty of Chrome! Take a look at the spectacular Arrogate by Sue Ziegler above. Which is your favorite?

 1.”Arrogate” By Sue Ziegler (Painting on the side/above)


2.”California Chrome winning the The Preakness Stakes” by  Hanne Lore Koehler 




3.”California Chrome – Awesome Again” by Sue Ziegler



4. “California Chrome” By Fred Stone



5. “CA Chrome” by Pat DeLong


6. “California Chrome” by Richard Beard




7. “CA Chrome” by Ron Krajewski and his painting horse, Metro



8.”California Chrome” by Ripley


9.”California Chrome One Down Two to Go Kentucky Derby ” by Dania Sierra


10. “California Chrome” by Pat DeLong 


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