In 2017, Art Of The Horse expanded to a private Facebook group to share our love of equine art. Now in 2019 with over 35,000 active members and countless different styles and mediums, Art Of The Horse is a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to see the best equine art in the world every day. As the largest equine art Facebook group in the world, Art Of The Horse has a range of projects, prizes and activities to expand your knowledge in different mediums, marketing, and achieving your dreams as an equine artist.

Why join?

For Collectors:

  • It’s free!
  • Discover your new favorite equine artists and works of art
  • See equine art depicted through time and space, countries and cultures in one central online location.
  • Be the first to see new art by your favorite artists, new works in progress and older works of art.


For Artists:

  • It’s free!


  • Banner Prize: Each month Art Of The Horse is sponsored by an equine or art company that will host the Banner Prize, giving away a prize package to the winning artist! Open to all to enter, no matter location or age. The winning artist will have their art featured in an article on Art Of The Horse, on the Banner of the group (one month) A Sidelines Magazine subscription (this is only for members in the USA) and a prize package from our sponsor. There will be nine runners up, and their prizes will include a 1 year subscription to Sidelines (USA only).


  • Sidelines Magazine: Open to all artists who are members of Art Of The Horse. Each month, Art Of The Horse will have it’s own section in Sidelines Magazine, one of the largest equine lifestyle magazines with a massive audience. With 3-4 pages, an equine artist will be interviewed and profiled and have their equine art showcased in this premier equine magazine.


  • Learn from others: Bounce off ideas, share your latest projects, ask for advice or critique in a safe and encouraging environment.


  • Mentor-ship: To date, Art Of The Horse’s Mentor-ship program has over 300 artist pairs working together to achieve their goals.


  • Daily Prompts: Each day has a theme-#goalsettingmonday is when people discuss their goals for the week, month or year, #wipwednesday is for sharing your latest in progress work and new prompts are added and changed weekly!


Introducing (1)

  • Art Of The Horse SAVES A Horse: Want to help horses in need with your art while making money and promoting yourself? Check out this page dedicated to this project, starting back up again in late 2019!

Art (1).png

  • Art Of The Animals: In the spring of 2017, AOTH member and equine artist, Shannagh-leigh Hartshorn and I starting a sister group for non equine art called “Art Of The Animals” (AOTA). AOTA offers similar activities to AOTH, including a Banner Contest and Daily Prompts, and Art Of The Animals Saves An Animal, and other interactive and fun activities. With over 22,000 members celebrating animals through a variety of mediums, you will be amazed by the art you see!

To join Art Of The Horse and Art Of The Animals, you must have a Facebook account. After that, all you need to do is click “join” and open the doors to the world to fabulous equine and animal art!