Fleur!! stands 6’10” tall and is 8’10’ long with hundreds of handmade flowers all over him! Yes, he is my very large paper sculpture horse that I made just for the  Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Photo Contest 2014 in Normandy France.

 The white backdrop is the same paper I used to make all the flowers with. I got a 10′ recycle roll of paper from a local printing company and painted large pieces with different bright colors . I cut ,folded and made designs on each flower.

I used wood, Styrofoam, bamboo and chicken wire to make a form and cover that with paper strips of the  same papers. I got inspired by Alexa King’s Barbaro statue in KY to have no jumping standard. Two of the hardest parts were making all the hundreds of flowers and making a ‘pitchless’  pitch fork to go underneath  to support him. Then I covered it all over with my flowers. I think he looks so cool jumping through the air!

I used my new OTTB , Matt Dillion ~ US Marshall, (Matty for short!) for my model! He is three years old and I love to jump and hope he will too when he is older.

I had a lot of fun making Fleur!! and I did all most all the work myself except for a few very hard parts that my mema helped me with. Thanks for stopping by and I hope Fleur!! has added some jump and color to your day! Make sure you see my gallery of photos below:)




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