~Happy Thanksgiving! And A Recap Of The Equus Film Festival~

EFF group photo
Janice Fischer, L.A. Pomeroy, Shya Beth, Lisa Diersen

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! Now is the time to give thanks and  I would like to thank each and everyone of my readers, the creative equestrian artists who have taken time out of their busy lives to answer my questions about their art and everyone who has encouraged and motivated  me with The Flying Shetlands, #EquineArtHour, The Flying Shetlands Equine Art Happenings & Events and my own art. This past weekend my sculptures, “Blue Jean Jumper” and “Fleur!!” were at the Equus Film Festival in NYC. It was an impressive event and so inspiring to meet other active artists, authors and filmmakers making a difference in the world for the better. I would like to thank Lisa Diersen, founder of the Equus Film Festival, for letting me exhibit my sculptures, L.A. Pomeroy for her help, encouraging words and  support and everyone else at the EFF team-you all did an  incredible job bringing this event together. I have made some fabulous new friends that I know I would have never met if it wasn’t for this festival. So thanks again EFF team so much for all of your hard efforts! Oh, and for the goodie bag, roses and wine as well! My mom is enjoying it:)

Setting up the Blue Jean Jumper

I also would like to thank Shannon Ford (winner of the Equine Commercial award!) for giving me one of her beautiful scarfs with her winning Program Cover! Good luck Shannon with your clothing line:)



The Blue Jean Jumper on the award’s stage

Next, I want to thank Sidelines News’ Samantha Charles and Jan Westmark  for their wonderful article on my art this fall. Lauren R Giannini did a spectacular job writing about me,  Fleur!! and my Blue Jean Horse Project. (didn’t see it? you can here) I also want thank   The Chronicle of The Horse’s Lindsay Berreth for their article about  Fleur!! last summer (You can see CoTH’s article here) ,and  express my gratitude  Nancy Jaffer for including my art in several of her articles and Lilian Shupe and Mimi Chapman of Horse News  for their articles as well.

Setting Up

I also want to thank Tim Cleary and Centenary College for letting exhibit my sculptures Fleur!! and New Years Horse at their Equestrian Center in Hackettstown,  NJ. I’m glad that their students and staff enjoyed having them there!

Me with Tim Cleary at Centenary College

I would like to thank Horse Nation and Equnews International for letting me contribute horse art articles to their readers as well.

Also, thanks to my friends Michelle and Curt for their support and letting us use their truck to bring my sculptures into the city. Thanks so much, you came in at the last minute, I really appreciate your generosity!

Last and most important of all, I would like to thank my mother for all of her help and support.  Mema, without you I would have never made it to NYC–let alone started a blog that people from over 100 countries visit!

Recap of The Equus Film Festival In NYC

Here are a list of the winners by L.A. Pomeroy:

Festival Director’s Choice -Talking to the Air: Horses of the Forbidden Kingdom/Horsefly Films
Best of Festival – The Caravan
People’s Choice Full Length – Harry and Snowman
People’s Choice Short – Land of Thoroughbreds
People’s Choice Mini – Reflections
Eq International Documentary – Horse of Kings (Netherlands/Spain)
Eq International Film – The Man From Coxs River (Australia)
Eq Fun Film – Dream Upon a Horse/Yvonne Barteau, Erika Walsh
Eq Student Film Adult – Knacker/Becca Pearce
Eq Student Film Youth – Through My Eyes: The Big Lick/Franklinville NY Girl Scout Troop #44
Eq Director Full Length – One Day/Victoria Racimo
Eq Director Short – Emma Massingale: No Reins No Rules No Limits (UK)/Nathan Horrocks
Eq Film Full International – Legend of Longwood (Ireland)
Eq Film Full – A Sunday Horse
Eq Film Short – Back Up The Mountain/Jon Smith
Eq Film Mini – Stealing Beauty/Todd Tinkham
Eq Art Film Full Length – Saga (Italy)/Paolo Boriani
Eq Art Film Short – Equus Caballus/H. Paul Moon
Eq Art Film Mini – Live Before You Die (UK)/Tom Lloyd
Eq Documentary Full International – Blind Sport (Canada)/Stefan Morel
Eq Documentary Full – Unbranded/Ben Masters
Eq Documentary Short – Cowgirls/Sarah Briggs
Eq Documentary Mini – Get Your Heart Jumping (UK)/Nathan Horrocks, Equine Productions
Eq Native American Full – American Outrage/George and Beth Gage
Eq Training & Education – Advance Equine Studies – the Respiratory System/Andrea Steele
Eq Series – Wild About Barns/Pamela Kettle
Eq Broadcast News – Marshall Country’s Biggest Case of Animal Neglect/Andreina Centlivre
Eq Non-Broadcast – Horseware Ireland’s 30 Year Anniversary (Ireland)
Eq Commercial – Shannon Ford Fine Arts (Canada)/Wayne McDougall
Eq Music Video Full – Davide Penitente/Bartabas & Mark Minkowski (Germany)
Eq Music Video Short – PONY/Tom Lloyd, Dreamtime Films
Eq Music Video Mini – All About That Bert/Kristin Taylor, The Black Fox Farm

It was so nice to meet Shannon Ford. She won Eq Commercial award!

Congrats to all the winners!

Here are a few of the wonderful artists/authors/filmmakers that I met:

Wire sculptor Sandy Rabinowitz
The lovely Shannon Ford
It was also terrific to meet Victoria Racimo and TanNa Young, the team behind “One Day”!
Janice Fischer’s Carousel Horse Photography
Beatrice Bulteau

It was great to finally meet Jen Miller and Sophie Pegrum of Horsefly Films–congrats on winning a grand total of six awards! It also nice to meet Marta Moran Bishop, author of “Dinky The Nurse Mare Foal”, artist Jance Fischer and her lovely carousel horse photography and her other paintings, and Bibi Bemelmans and Vanessa Somers of Horse Lifestyle TV and Beatrice Bulteau . We had such an international table! Tom Lloyd, apart of the team behind “PONY” from England (won two awards!) , DeSiree’ Fawn of Fawn Films and her film “Capturing Wild Horses” from Sun Valley, Idaho, Shannon Ford from Canada, Cynthia Hampton( she lived in France for 20 years and now currently resides in Wellington Florida and Kentucky) and her film on Eric Navet ~ a French show jumper. Her film can be seen at http://www.classicchampionsinc.com

To see the full list of films/artists/authors, go here.


The Blue Jean Horse Project

My Blue Jean Jumper is the first of about 13 Blue Jean Horses that I am making. Each horse will represent different disciplines/breeds/mythological horses, travel to different equine shows/events/galleries and  be signed by top riders/prominent people in their respective fields. Once every horse is full of signatures, they will be auctioned off to benefit horse charities globally. The web site is currently under construction.

So, again, thank you all so, so much for this ever-continuing journey of equine art. I hope you will continue to enjoy and learn from my articles!


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !


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  1. Susan says:

    Shya, You are one super human for all you accomplish for horses, through your art. Congratulations!

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    1. shyapony says:

      Thank you so much Susan! That is very kind of you to say that:)


  2. Wow congrats for all of this.. your efforce and hard work deserve this and more. Thanks for sharing with us… I do appreciate all those films list, very useful… Thank you Shya!!!

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    1. shyapony says:

      Thank you so much for you complements, Silvia!! I am so happy that you enjoy my articles:) Keep up the great needle felting!!

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