~ C. W. Anderson ~

C. W. Anderson – A Long Stride

I grew up reading the Billy and Blaze series and want to share C.W. Anderson’s  artwork with you!! He was one of the foremost horse illustrators of the 20th century ~


C. W. Anderson~


Born in Nebraska, USA


Highly talented artist and popular American novelist and artist, Clarence William Anderson, Better known as C. W. Anderson, was born in Nebraska, USA in 1891. After studying at the Art Institute of Chicago, Anderson first illustrated other author’s works and thought of himself as an artist not a writer. However editor Doris Patee encouraged him to write text to accompany his drawings. Eventually he wrote full length novels. He also wrote many other pony stories, non fiction works, especially on racing, and some non-pony stories for children. He was also an accomplished rider, show judge and poet.

Although his stories are quite enjoyable, the standard of his writing does not come close to that of his drawings. However he does display a copious knowledge of horses and riding in his books and, like Josephine Pullein-Thompson, another equestrian author,  wasn’t averse to teaching the reader through the medium of various authority figures in his novels.His work will live on, being loved for generations to come~


C. W. Anderson – Badge Colt lineage of Man O War
CW Anderson mare and foal

C. W. Anderson – Badge in a Smooth Canter



Four Fillies

Here are a few of the books he has illustrated….including my a few of my favorite “Billy and Blaze” books!!!!!!

recommended by a good friend for my boys:  Amazon.com: Horse of Hurricane Hill (9780027045208): Clarence W. Anderson: Books

"Blaze and the Mountain Lion" by C.W. Anderson Recycled hardcover book JOURNAL! One of a kind, unrepeatable, and all yours/ your gift recipient's. All of our journals include some excerpts from the original book, whatever library ephemera is native to the book, and around 80-90 sheets of acid free, blank paper. Just $14. Click on this link: www.bookjournals.com Love, Jacob Ex Libris Anonymous, Portland, Oregon.

Blaze and Thunderbolt by C.W. Anderson, http://www.amazon.com/dp/0689717121/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_Pszjrb17WGTRA

One of my favorite book series!!!!




A Star Is Born
C. W. Anderson Rodeo Sketches

A Pony for Linda

Hope you enjoyed today’s exceptional artist and learned something new about  C. W. Anderson!!!

See you all Tuesday,


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !




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  1. His artwork and books fed this horse crazy girl for years. My favorite was “Afraid to Ride.” I still have my copy. Finally at age 54 I have my first horse. In the beginning I hand walked Zeus daily as he was very sore with navicular and arthritis of the hocks and stifle. From time to time I would recall that story as he walked happily with me exploring his new home, and we began to bond. Thanks for sharing the work of my favorite childhood artist.


    1. shyapony says:

      Your welcome! I used to read stories to my Shetland pony when he had laminitis. My fav books of his are the “Billy and Blaze’ stories!!

      Thanks again for commenting, it is great to hear the thoughts and comments of my posts from my readers!!!:)


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