Fergus The Horse ~ Jean Abernethy, Ontario, Canada

Fergus the Horse
Haha!! Fergus and aliens:))

Here is some exciting news! Fergus and Jean Abernethy will be on #EquineArtHour for a Q&A session on June 7th 2015 at 4-5 pm EST. Be sure to stop by and chat with them and meet other amazing artists! twitter.com/equinearthour

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Site: http://fergusthehorse.com


Fergus the Horse was  created by Jean Abernethy in 2000. He was published in many horse magazines, including Horse Canada, Blaze Magazine, and Monty Roberts Join-Up Journal. He have made thousands of people from around the world laugh and helped people learn about  history, trivia, and horses in nature and  horsemanship, with his rider Shelby and his stablemates of different breeds and personality  breeds. different horse training methods. He was made into a comic strip in 2004 and appeared weekly in the Ocala Star Banner pets page in Ocala, Florida. “His voice is both wise and innocent. Fergus is not a human in a horse suit doing human things, thinking human thoughts. He’s all horse. That is why he’s so effective at showing us how human we are.” https://twitter.com/fergusthehorse

Jean Abernethy riding Fergus

~Jean Abernethy~

Site: http://www.jeanabernethy.com
Jean Abernethy art adventures have taken her from coast to coast and to many equine events  She has been making paintings and cartoons for over 30 years. She has illustrated books and children’s fantasy books, instructional articles  how-to drawings and diagrams.

Jean grew up on a farm where she learned to ride horses at a young age. She would spend hours studying illustrations of horses in her storybooks, trying to replicate the artists work. During her teen age years, she was selling her paintings and drawings.

Throughout those formative years, having been nurtured in a very creative family, it was often a tough call whether to pursue work as a musician, a visual artist, or find employment in the stables. I tried them all, but my “artist hat” seemed to take priority at every turn. I put together a portfolio which gained my acceptance into Ontario College of Art and Design, (Toronto) where I earned my degree and gained the skills to embark on a career which now spans 30 years.

Illustration for books and periodicals have been my mainstay, while portraiture and cartooning have also been a part of the journey. I’ve had some wonderful clients, and some hefty challenges. The quest continues to raise the bar for myself. I think it’s true that the more you study, the more you discover how much you don’t know. I take courses and workshops whenever possible, exploring plein air painting, and computer graphics, and of course drawing from life.

Jean also makes gorgeous western saddles!


Wood Post 2012

LM Saddle

Fergus the Horse



Fergus the Horse


Fergus the Horse

Fergus the Horse



Also, you can vote for Fergus to be the Equus Film Festival’s poster in their poster contest! click here.

Be sure to go and check out Fergus’s other merchandise that you can buy too: http://fergusthehorse.com/#!/page stuff

Here are a few of Jean’s other equine paintings!


See more of her paintings here!

Thank you so much for letting me feature Fergus and you, Jean! Looking forward to having you on #EquineArtHour, Sunday at 4-5 pm EST!!


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !


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