~Christina Boetzel ~ Equine Fine Art~ Germany



“Andalusier PRE Andalusian Almanzor”

Sorry Tuesday’s post is late- I have been having technical challenges with my computer again. Anyway, here is it , feature very talented Christina Boetzel of Germany!

“…without the existence of horses I may never have begun to paint…”

~Christina Boetzel~

Loctation: Wetter an der Ruhr – Wetter, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Christina Boetzel has painted and drawn  horses since she was a little girl. She would draw horses on the sidewalk with a stone, on the beer-coasters in her parent’s restaurant and on old wallpaper.  Later on, Christina would go though her neighborhood and collect the old  paint boxes and paint horses looking out of a stable on their old garden shed.

“I like to paint and I love horses even other animals. I have painted horses since childhood. I am grateful every day for that gift.”


When she was 11, her parents let her have riding lessons and at 14 she was taking care of two ponies, learning to gallop bareback cross country. Two years later, Christina saved enough money to make her lifelong dream come true–buying her very own horse, Sassi, a Hanovarion chesnut mare!

In 1994, a friend of Christina’s ask her, “Can you paint my Bayka?” and that is how Christina’s professional art careergot started. Prior to that, she had done some assorted portraits in pencil, mostly of children, pets and horses. But for her, it started with Bayka. .
Soon, more friends and people began asking for a portrait painting. These friends and people began to tell their friends as well. Christina’s portrait paintings became an important part of her artwork, and helped her to be able to go and study at University.

Christina now lives on a farm with her husband, their three children, a white Anglo Arabian, a Lusitano buckskin Domino, and their dog and cat.


“Andalusier PRE Andalusian Gala”

Do you own any horses that you use as models for your work?

Yes, I own two horses, my 25 year old Baroness, a Anglo Arabian mare that I have known her since she was a foal. And my  new horse, a 7 year old Lusitano buckskin Domino. We meet two years ago and I fall in love with that guy. It seems we know each other for a  few century’s.
We have also had three grays for many years. They  are all bothers and sisters of Baroness, we knew then since they were born. Two of them died in the last two years.
I trained my horses in high level dressage and like to  walk with them though the fields.
I like to paint every horse , because I know it is a beloved pet.
I like to paint horses in liberty.
Do you ride competitively?
I do not go for competitions with my horses. But I train them to high level dressage and free horsemanship- liberty dressage., just for fun, important for me is that they do it with me for fun.
They are my friends and we will spend nice time together.
What is your favorite thing about the art that you do?
I like to paint free horses or dressage horses.
Every breed or even no breed is welcome to inspire me

Why did you chose to do paintings?

Many paintings are commissions, I like do do it. It is always a special moment when the customers get the painting, very emotional.
One time  I painted the a “Grand Shire Calendar” for a publishing house. It was a great honor for me to do this and a lot of responsibility. Sometimes it can be  very difficult. Because some the photos are from stallions  black and white photos and a few of then died a  long time before I was commissioned to paint them. I have to study the horse read a lot about it.
Its a very important job for me to give my best so that the horse will come alive again in my paintings.

Do you work in any other mediums?

I work in many mediums, I like to  have that thrill. To see painting by painting if I can control the medium and see what I can do best with it.

Do you have any upcoming events/shows coming up?

In August I will be at the European Championships in Aachen with an exhibition. And in September I am on the Bundeschampionate in Warendorf, Germany, besides the Dressage Arena.
In the autumn I will be  publishing  a book of a grand sire, I am very pleased to announce that.
Prinzess Nathalie & Digby




Welsh Pony Springtime


Andalusier PRE Andalusian Dancing Fandango


Don Schufro



“Andalusier PRE Andalusian Iberer Farinero”


“Andalusier PRE Andalusian Mestena”


“Andalusier PRE Andalusian Viva”




“Andalusier PRE Andalusian Iberer Monikero”
Andalusier PRE Spanischer Schritt


“Araber Arabian Farbstift”
“Araber Arabian Stute Fohlen Twilight Batik”
“Araber Arabian Twilight batik”


“Barock Pinto Aquarell Casey”


“Fahrsport Lightline lots of drops batik”
“Friese Frisian Ritske”


“Friese Frisian Richard Kohle Zeichnung”


“Friesen Stuten”
“Haflinger Asterix”


“Haflinger Marys Stampede”
“Haflinger Ronny”


“Island Pferd Isländer Gleisnir”




liegendes Araberfohlen

stehendes Araberfohlen

Galina und Mulahn



His Highness II


To see more of her sculptures, click here.

Be sure to vote for Christina’s art for the Equus Film Festival NYC’s poster contest! 

Thank you Christina for letting me feature you and your fabulous paintings and sculptures! Be sure to go and see more of her equine paintings, I only put a small portion of them on!


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !

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  1. Great artist. I love her art. And nice story. Thanks for sharing.

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      Glad you enjoyed it Silvia!!

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