World Leaders on Horseback~ Happy Presidents Day to My US readers!

George Washington, The First President

Since here in the US it is Presidents Day weekend, I thought that I would feature a few of our presidents on horseback as well as other world leaders riding horses as well. I took extra time to try and find all of the artists names, but unfortunately was not able to. If anyone  knows of any of the artists names or another leaders in paintings/sculpture, please contact me.  Thanks!

Here is a very interesting site that has a lot of info on the horses of the White House:


George Washington
George Washington and Nelson   “The Prayer at Valley Forge ” by  Arnold Friberg



Andrew Jackson At The Battle Of New Orleans
Andrew Jackson was the major general of thTennessee Volunteers during the war of 1812.
Andrew Jackson on horseback, engraving by an unidentified artist, c. 1830.
United States’ 7th President, Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren, 8th President
Major-General Zachary Taylor– 12th President of the United States. 1848.
Franklin Pierce,the 13th President, on horseback, in a Mexican War battle scene with Chapultapec castle and Popocatépetl volcano, in the background, engraved, c. 1852.
Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President returning to Springfield after the close of the campaign with Senator Stephen A. Douglas in 1858.


Lincoln’s horse, “Old Bob” the day of his funeral.
:Abraham Lincoln (1809-65)


“Old Bob”
Abraham Lincoln the 16th President and the 17th President, U. S. Grant


General U.S. Grant. the 17th President. Philadelphia: Wm. Smith, [1864-5]
Dexter, famed for his ideal trotting action called the “Dexter stroke,” won 46 of 50 races and trotted the mile in a record 2:17.1/4 during the 1860s. Robert Bonner bought and retired the horse, but allowed presidential candidate Ulysses S. Grant the thrill of taking the reins at top speed in this popular 1868 lithograph by Currier & Ives.
With the White House in the background, Grant’s prized warhorses, Cincinnati and Egypt, were shown centered in an engraving, Harper’s Weekly, April 17, 1869.


The  23rd President, Benjamin Harrison  the grandson of the ninth President, William Henry Harrison


The 25th President, Theodore Roosevelt
“On the Track,” Theodore Roosevelt on a bear hunt in Arizona, photogravure by the McLoughlin Brothers, 1905.
Painting by Tadé Styka. Theodore  Roosevelt


Vicki Crone’s acrylic painting “Land of the Free” shows former 39th  President Ronald Reagan with an unbridled horse at his ranch in Santa Barbara, Calif.


Here are other paintings of other world leaders~


Anthony van Dyck’s Portrait of Charles V on Horseback (1620)
Philip IV,England  1635


Anthony Van Dyck – Equestrian Portrait of Charles I, King of England, 1638, 367 x 292 cm.


Copenhagen the Duke of Wellington’s horse. Born in 1808
‘ at the Battle of Waterloo, c1824





King William of England
Winston Churchill


Elizabeth II
Elizabeth II




“Napoleon I with his Generals” by Ludwig Elsholtz.


Artist: Van Dyck. Charles I


Marie de Medici on Horseback,French 1620-30
King Louis, 17Th Century

 Puerto Rico~

“Juan Prim,” Governor of Puerto Rico.  Henri Regnault’s superb life-size 1869 portrait of General Prim and his gorgeous black steed. 124 x 102 inches.


Agrarian  Leader Zapata. 1931by Diego Rivera


Emiliano Zapata Salazar a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution


Maria Luisa,Queen of Spain on Horseback, 1799


King Otto of Greece on Horseback with the Parthenon beyond – Albrecht Adam


Sophie of Württemberg, Netherlands


portrait of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich mounted on a horse (1670



A figure rides upon horseback, thought to be the Queen of Sheba. Originally a wall painting in a church in Lalibela, Ethiopia, now in National Museum.



Queen Maria Casimiera Sobieska on a horse, a painter from Sobieski’s court, in: Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów



, Folio from the Shah Jahan Album
“Shah Jahan on Horseback” Painting by Payag India: ca. 1630; recto: ca. 1530–50
Maharana Sangram Singh (12 April 1484 – 17 March 1527) commonly known as Rana Sanga, was the Rajput ruler of Mewar, which was located within the geographic boundaries of present-day India’s modern state of Rajasthan. He ruled between 1509 and 1527.


Emperor Aurangzeb (Mughal Empire) on Horseback



in ceremonial armor on horseback, painted by Giuseppe Castiglione, dated 1739 or 1758.


The Koryo painting with King Gongming


the pharaoh of Egypt is represented riding his chariot, where the horses are shown at full gallop.



Anne of Austria on Horseback,1640-50



Painting by the Greek folk painter Theophilos Hatzimihail. Constantine is visible on a white horse. Italy

 North Korea ~

Kim Jong-il and his father are riding horses, and following behind is his mother North Korea

Hope you all enjoyed seeing some of the world’s leaders on horseback though out the ages!


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !

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  1. Once again very comprehensive and well researched. Enjoyed this very much.


    1. shyapony says:

      Thanks so much! I really like knowing that people enjoy my articles!!:)


  2. sreinhold says:

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    Excellent article about world leaders of the past and their steeds.


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