“Water Mark”, Five Unique Equine Sculptures In Scottsdale, AZ

There are billions of horses, wild and domesticated, mixed and pure-bred around the globe-and I can guarantee you never seen horses quite like these!

Created in 2010 by Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan, a team of exceptional artists who create public art installations in both America and Canada, “Water Mark” is an installation of five equine sculptures that bring together the old and new in a splash of aluminum at the Scottsdale Public Art in Scottsdale AZ, USA.


“Situated at its dramatic narrowing point, Water Mark crowns the Indian Bend Wash and Scottsdale’s innovative flood control greenbelt. Encompassed within the flood basin on both sides of Indian Bend, the artwork is both a roadside landmark on the north and an earthwork on the south.” said the Scottsdale Public Art’s website.


Each horse is 14 feet tall equine gargoyle sculpture (each 125 feet apart from another). With each flood that comes raining down on Scottsdale, you can me sure that the overflow will flow straight from the horse’s mouth thanks to this unique and exciting flood control idea. I hope more places take the hint and start creating unique and functional horses similar to these everywhere!

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