Visit An Art Gallery In South Carolina That’s All About Equine and Canine Art

Going to an art gallery is a magical place for artists and art lovers alike. The different mediums and unique styles, all in one place? It is an art enthusiast’s dream come true.

Painting to the side/above is by Valarie Wolf and is tittled: “After Munnings’ Study of a Clipped out Black Horse”

The Dog & Horse Fine Art & Portraiture Art Gallery in South Carolina, USA celebrates equine art in all its forms. Whether you are looking for dressage, fox hunting, jumpers or polo, this gallery represents some of the finest artists in both america and Europe.


“Dressage” by David Terry

  Dog & Horse Fine Art Portraiture was founded in 2001 by by Jaynie Spector, who has studied with Sotheby’s Auction House in London, England, worked for a short time Christie’s Contemporary Art Department and was an art adviser for several years before starting her gallery. “I felt that the country needed a gallery with top quality contemporary artists that paint animals.” Jaynie said in an exclusive interview with #equinearthour this past Sunday (1/15/16).

BdC orange head 1_5a94ca05e5d89c295ee21ddb51553f9d.jpg

“White Horse with Persimmon Headdress” by Bernard de Claviere

Located in Charleston, South Carolina, and has over 80 galleries in downtown Charleston. For more information about Janyie and  Dog & Horse Fine Art Portraiture, visit their website here.

Essex Tandememail 14x22 March14 2900_065643c357ea3fa155584a0bf725a94b.jpg

“Essex Tandem”by Beth Carlson

TFS: Hello & welcome to #equinearthour, Jaynie Spector! Would you please tell us a bit about yourself and your gallery?

JS: We are horse and dog lovers, plus art! Top quality from around the world.

BdC Chestnut_caeae047e5f8414b96faccb26fc91e93.jpg

“Chestnut Arabian with Green/Persimmon Blanket” by Bernard de Claviere

TFS: Would you tell us more about your equine art gallery, Dog & Horse Fine Art and Portraiture?

JS: We have been featuring top quality artists for 15 years. Our artists do paintings of horses, dogs and other subjects  as well as commissions.


“On the Line” by Andrea Harman Steiner

TFS: How many artists do you represent?

JS: Over 70.

A Good Day- web_95c96ac86331b6f02c389c5e5fef7ef6.jpg

“A Good Day” by  Joyce Hall

TFS: Are you involved in the equestrian scene besides art?

JS: I have always loved riding horseback riding as a past time. We have art featuring fox hunting, steeple chases, eventing dressage and much more.

Polo 905KB_2d911e961d625ca990bf37f3753523f7.JPG

“Polo” by Booth Malone

TFS: Would you tell us about your time at Sotheby’s and Christie’s? What are some of the things you learned?

JS: Straight out of college I was an art consultant, then attended Sotheby’s in London and worked in NYC afterwards. Sotheby’s studying art from the beginning to early 20th c. and at Christie’s I worked with contemporary art department.

Morning at Aiken 2_a036d77083a5e7ed1abff3602feac254.JPG

“Morning” by Werner Rentsch

TFS: As an art adviser and agent, how do you pair your artists and clients looking to have their horse/dog painted?

JS: We work with artists and clients to find out what the client is looking for in a piece of art work. We figure out the clients stylistic preferences for portraiture of their animal and ask about about their breed.


“High Hope Steeplechase” by Sandra Oppegard

TFS: How do you find art collectors and enthusiasts?

JS: A multitude of ways including the gallery space, referrals, the internet, and word of mouth.

Into The First Turn_aeddf35f52932ad3f886a72513add064.jpg  “Into the First Turn” by Nancy Pellatt

TFS: Do you host any pop-up galleries at other events?

JS: Yes, we host pop up events at steeple chases, dog shows, and equine museums to name a few.


“Casting Off” by Beth Carlson

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