Shya Beth Named Top 10 Finalist In Art & Design For Equestrian Creativity Awards (Part Two)



**To read about Heels Down Magazine’s Blogging Category that The Flying Shetlands was also a top ten finalist in, click here.

It’s an exciting time here at The Flying Shetlands! I have just been named one of the top ten finalists for Heels Down Magazine’s Art & Design category! These awards are to showcase the best creative equestrians who are under 25 years old around the world. I am delighted to say that I am apart of both Blogging and Art & Design! Several of the other categories include: Photography, Video Production, and Entrepreneurship. The voting for the Blogging Category ended several days ago and I can’t wait to see how TFS is placed!

Benefits of winning this contest:

  1. One of the benefits of this contest is the exposure my Blue Jean Horse Project (website coming soon!) will get, which in turn, will help horses in need. My BJHP consists of 18 life size equine sculptures that I make from scratch, starting with a basic wooden frame and ending with a unique equine sculpture. Each horse represents different breeds/disciplines and will be exhibited at shows to be signed by some of the top riders/trainers/course designers in the world. Then, all of the horses will have one last showing where they will be auctioned off to benefit horse charities.
  2. Whoever gets chosen as the winner of each category will be given a portfolio on Equestrian Creative Network free for a year. More exposure, more horses helped!
  3. The winners will also get an opportunity to write for Heels Down Magazine.
    Each winner will get a one-page write up about their work in Heels Down Magazine.

See my sculptures that are entered in below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Here’s how you can help me win!

Each category is being judged by a separate panel of expert judges, which will account for 75% of everyone’s score. The other 25% is up to the public to vote for their favorite entry.

How to vote for The Flying Shetlands:

  • There is NO sign up necessary. Two clicks and you are done!
  • Go to this link:
  • Look for my name in the list (Shya Beth) then click the check mark to the left of my name.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click “vote”.
  • And that’s it! Thank you for voting for TFS.
  • PLEASE share the link/this article with your friends/family and ask them to vote.Thank you all, so, so much for your support! It really means a lot to me.

I will give an update about how I did in both the blogging Category and Art & Design in a few weeks when I hear from Heels Down.

Thank you again for your help and don’t forget to share this article!

Heels Down Finalist

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jim says:

    Way to go Shya!!!! That’s great, keep on blogging.


    1. Shya Beth says:

      Thanks for your vote and comment, Jim!! I appreciate it:)


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