Perseverance, Persistence & Dedication: The Equine Art Of Sue Cabrero

It’s fitting that Sue Cabrero is today’s featured artist, as she resides in Mexico City,  the same location as the Longines Global Champions Tour this weekend as well. Below you can see many of her skillful equine drawings, showing off her raw talent of depicting the horse in art. Sue is also a member of the Art Of The Horse Facebook Group, the largest group for equine artists and art enthusiasts on Facebook.

Sue, a horse lover and art enthusiast was born and raised in Mexico City with little access to real, living and breathing horses. So, she used her passion for horses in a different way: spending countless hours perfecting her art skills to depict the horse in art. Sue is a self taught artist, and her dedication and pursuit of excellence shows.


AOTH: Hello Sue! Thanks for letting me interview you. How long have you been around horses and what inspired you to become an artist? Are you a full time artist or part time?

SC: I love horses since I can remember. To me, they are the expression of perfection, beauty and intelligence, but I have never owned one or be around them as I wished. Born and raised in Mexico city, my only contact with horses was when a friend invited me for a horse back ride or visiting an uncle that used to have thoroughbred horses.

I used to be a part time artist until 2009. Then,  I concentrated on myself, getting better after suffering a brain stroke that pushed me back from where I was.


AOTH: What drew you to art and such a high level of realism?  

SC: I was a very shy child, always with animals which I loved so much. I think it was my curiosity on how to draw that lead me to make drawing a hobby for a long time, I started with pencils and later on I tried colour pencils because they were so similar.

I remember in high school I had an optative painting classes, but I was not into it that much. For some reason, colour wouldn’t catch my attention, and it was later on when I began to explore all the mediums when I understood the beauty of colour. I have to say, drawing black and white for so long, transitioning to colour was not that difficult for me and it is now a favorite of mine.


My first drawing after the brain stroke took me 1.5 years to complete!
Now, believe it or not, I am having the battle of my life since I got diagnosed with breast cancer last summer. I have had 4 round of chemo that was killing me and so I came to my country to get alternative medicine which you don’t have in USA, it is tough but I know I will overcome this disease. In the mean time, I will continue painting/drawing as long as I can and try to get out there and have recognition for my passion and live the satisfaction of make a living out of it – not quite there yet.


My love for horses and animals made me to get better at what I love so much, I love realism, detail and expression, I love to strive for details, bringing out the subtle color and movement of the horse through my pencils. 

I am a self-taught artist, all I know now has been through experimenting, reading and watching other artist’s technique videos and I have learned a lot about medias, papers, paint, tricks, solvents, brands, etc. I have always said, ”when there is a will, there is a way.


AOTH: What has been your favorite equine painting to date?

SC: It is hard to pick just one! Everyone has a meaning.

This is one of my favorites:

This one is my new beginning, took me more than a year to complete because after the brain stroke my concentration time was very limited, now is getting better but I can not be on something for too long and I have learn to live with my disability.

AOTH: Do you work in any other mediums?

SC: I do work with other mediums. My main one is graphite/charcoal but I also like watercolor, pastels, oil, acrylics, colored pencils and gouache. Each one has its own beauty and I enjoy them all.


AOTH: Who is your favorite artist and why?

SC: I can not pick just one artist but Miguel Angelo is my favorite because his realism, detail and feeling on each one of his paintings are outstanding. He had harmony and power on his master pieces.

It is funny, I like to paint but I have never being into the artistic guild don’t ask me why, may be I haven’t got the chance or do not know how to get into it.


AOTH: Any advice for other artists?

SC: My advice for other artists would be: NEVER give up on their dreams, to persevere and not care about others art but yours, that’s the beauty of ARTS there is room for everyone and every style, diversity is important. There is no good or bad when it comes to this subject in my point of view.

AOTH: How do you market your work?

SC: Where I market my art is everywhere I can. When you have a limited budget you just have to look and try on every chance you find horses or animal related platform, like free contests is my main source; IALHA for instance, I never won a 1st place but last time I participated they mention my work on their magazine, if I’m not mistaken was the 2016 magazine cover art contest.


I have also being mentioned on the Horses in Art magazine on several printed issues.
The platforms where people can see my work is on Facebook and Instagram, I haven’t had the chance to get my own website for financial reasons but, I will have one some day!

FB_IMG_1553789279707 (1)

AOTH: When looking back, is there anything you would have done differently or changed in your art career?

SC: Well, not really I wouldn’t change anything. I have lived what it meant to be for me. You can not go back and change anything nor know what is ahead for you, just live the present the best way possible.

I discovered Art of the Horse on Facebook by pure happy accident! to say the least and I can not be more happy right now, because as an artist, you want to know what everybody thinks about your art, and we also need constructive critics so you can learn and correct yourself for your ultimate goal – to be a better artist.



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Thank you for letting me interview you, Sue! Best of luck on your art journey and I am looking forward to watching your art career grow.

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