Gayle Dieudonne~ Dieudonne Art, Dales , UK!

  I love Gayle Dieudonne’s beautiful classical style! I think it is so beautiful~Enjoy!
Gayle Dieudonne~
North Yorkshire, the Dales (North of England)
Gayle is a self taught artist but has enjoyed and studied traditional painting since her school days. And to this day continues to find inspiration and instruction within the romance of classical art.
As a teenager she finally embraced oil painting, and soon found a medium in which to capture the beauty and richness of the world, and especially that of horses. Apart from winning art competitions throughout her school days she has had work displayed in a Museum and more recently held successful solo exhibitions.
One of her true loves is horseracing which encompasses much of her studio work, Although she is commissioned in many genres, from portraiture to landscape views and historical pieces
Gayle’s work is almost predominately in oil, a medium that she finds allows her to express and develop her ideas. And one which she hopes can help her to fill the eye as much as the heart
And she continues to experiment with her work in her push to expand her repertoire, discovering and enjoying the challenge of life-sized painting among other things. Gayle’s work is often offered for sale and commissions are regularly taken.
As for myself, I am an artist with a passion for the past in all its forms and beauties. My aim is to recapture what was once the excellence of art, the pinnacle of perfection, to aim to raise the bar ever higher.
I paint in a classical style and have a great fondness for large scale oil paintings. I take commissions in almost any subject from portraiture to battle scenes.

                                                    Apart from painting I love to write, have a keen interest in Horseracing and bloodstock. I am an avid reader, as well as a love of Antiques.

I asked Gayle a few questions, here are her answers!
1. Do you own any horses that you use as models for your work?
I am not a horse owner at present. My dream is to own a racehorse one day but I am lucky enough to live in a town where we see racehorses everyday.
2. Do you ride competitively? 
No. But I enjoy going to the races as often I can.
3.What is your favorite thing about the art that you do?
I like the idea that somehow within a mixture of paint and thinners you can make something beautiful. Beautiful enough for someone to hang it on their wall and enjoy it. But is also about the capturing life, holding a moment in time. Whether it be a window onto a memory or simply a fondness for something you adore. Getting that ‘real’ moment is paramount
4. Why did you chose to paint paintings?
Art has always been of my life since a very young age. Drawing led to painting and for me painting led to classical. Seeing the perfection art can achieve never fails to remind me of why I do what I do.
5. do you work in any other mediums?
I have tried many mediums in my time as an artist and while oils are my chosen medium I also sketch in both pencil and charcoal. 6. Do you have any upcoming events/shows coming up?
I am holding an Open Studio event in April this year. Is there anything else that you would like me to include in my post?

If it is of use in your blog, my favorite painter is Jacques-Louis David. And my hope one day is to paint a life-sized racehorse.



Desert Orchid




Frankel & T Queally<br /><br /><br />
Oil on canvas

Sinndar & J Murtagh<br /><br /><br />
Oil on board

Australia & J O'Brien cr

Black Caviar cr

Camelot smpix cr

Cavalry Horse smpix cr

Dynasty finished cr


Close up Nijinsky

Close Up SW ND cr

Finished better bigpix

Darcy 01.11.14 smpix cr


Finished sm cr

finished with names cr

Flying Fox and progeny

Frankel Tom Queally, head. cr


Frankel smpix cr

Goldikova Finished cr

haafhd cr

Hyperion framed smpix cr

Legends of ditcheat finished smpix cr

The Tetrarch & S Donoghue spix

The Flying Dutchman & John Fobert


Stable Stars 3 cr smpix

Zenyatta head shot 1 cr

Thank you Gayle for letting me feature you in my post. You really have talent!


See you all again Tuesday~


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !

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