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Bibi Bemelmans was on #EquineArtHour This past Sunday answering some of The Flying Shetland’s questions about the amazing streaming website/app, Horse Lifestyle TV. With three locations in the USA, Luxingburg and the Netherlands, this is a definitely “must have” for any horse lover looking to expand their knowledge about horse history, horse intelligence or just pure and fun “equitanment”!

Horse Lifestyle

Founded In: January 2011 by Vanessa Somers

Location(s): New York City USA, Luxingburg, Netherlands

Medium: Equine film entertainment, film producer/director


Horse Lifestyle was a dream which became reality to bring horse enthusiasts from around the globe together through films. With a very easy and assessable site, apps for androids and IOS, you can watch award winning documentaries, training videos from the top horse trainers in a verity of disciplines or read many top magazines and books all from your laptop, tablet, phone or any other device connected to the internet!

By introducing you to a wide range of insights, techniques and philosophies, we strive to inspire and enable you to live your lifestyle to the fullest. With your membership you enable us to continue building out our unique database with all the great horse masters of the world. Preserving their legacies for you and for the future generations. Safeguarding a pool of knowledge for everyone to tap into, with only a tap of the finger. A place where everyone with a heart for horses is welcomed.

Horse Lifestyle also has a DIY series- make anything and everything horsie with the help from this wonderful series. From gifts for friends and family to horse treats and more!

Of Gods And Kings by Horsefly Films

TFS: When did Horse Lifestyle start?

Bibi Bemelmans: Horse Lifestyle TV was started in 2011 and went live worldwide last November!


TFS: How did the idea for Horse Lifestyle come about?

Bibi Bemelmans: The idea was born when the founder (Vanessa Somers) was cleaning her stalls and  wondering what she was missing in the equine community, a place where the horse world comes together which everybody with a heart for horses can join.

North Sea


TFS: Can you tell my followers a bit about your job at Horse Lifestyle? What do you do?

Bibi Bemelmans:  I’m responsible for Reputation and communication and to make sure people know what HorseLifestyle.TV is and can do for them 🙂


TFS: How did you first get involved with Horse Lifestyle?

Bibi Bemelmans: On a trail ride, and that is a true story! Vanessa and I went for a ride and started talking, one thing lead to another and next thing I knew she asked me if I was looking for a job!

Path To Glory: The Rise and Fall of the Polish Arabian Horse

TFS: How do you select films to be added to you selection?

Bibi Bemelmans: We select films that inspire and motivate people and films that make people happy.

Alyica Burton: Free Riding New Zealand

TFS: That is a great way of doing things. Do you also go to film festivals and see the horse films and then pick the ones you like?

Bibi Bemelmans: Yes, that is one thing we also do, and love to do!

Power In The Blood: The Story of The Irish Thoroughbred

TFS: I would think so! Did you pick any from the Equus Film Festival to add to your collection?

Bibi Bemelmans: Oh, yes we did! You can watch them soon online.

“Furusiyya-Man & Horse” A documentary film about the equestrian team on Saudi Arabia

TFS: Which movie is your personal favorite?

Bibi Bemelmans: Depends on what mood I’m in. Sometimes I’m in for a clinic or a documentary and sometimes I just want some equitainment.

TFS: That sounds like something I’d do:)

Bibi Bemelmans: And that’s why our library offers all of that, for every mood 😉

TFS: Do you have any special apps for tablets or phones?

Yes we do! Both for Android and IOS.

George Morris Masterclass

TFS: Do you or Horse Lifestyle make any films yourselves?

Bibi Bemelmans: Yes, we do. Horse Lifestyle also produces and distributes films.

TFS: Really? Are any of these available to watch on your site? Are/ or have you entered in any film festivals?

Bibi Bemelmans: They will come soon online and I will make sure you will hear about it! 🙂

Horse Agillity

TFS: Any plans/goals for Horse Lifestyle in the future?

Bibi Bemelmans: Our goal is to gather the best the horse world has to offer and share it with horse enthusiasts around the globe.

TFS: How do you see the horse film industry doing in the next 5, 10 years?

Bibi Bemelmans: There will always be stories to tell about horses. And people will want to watch more of what they like.


Horse Lifestyle also has top equiestrian magazines and books in a wide collection! Here are just a few titles below.

Elite Equestrian


Equine Enthusiast
Equi-Ads UK


Equestrian Quarterly
Polo Times
Saddle Up
International Thoroughbred
The Plaid Horse
The Modern Equine Vet

Be sure to check out Horse Lifestyle’s books, too! Some of their many title include: Anatomy of The Horse, Breaking and Riding with Military Commentaries, The Breed Characteristics Part One and Two, The Winter’s Tale and The Art of Horsemanship. 

The Winter’s Tale By Mark Helprin


The Breed Characteristics of the Arabian Horse, part 1


The Breed Characteristics of the Arabian Horse, part 1


Amigo The Magical Horse

Thanks for answering my questions, Bibi. Be sure to go to Horse Lifestyle’s webpage to see all of their cool features. Between their films, magazines and books, this will surely last you all year long!


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !

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