Transforming The Canvas: Adeline Halvorson’s Equine Paintings

Adeline Halvorson is the winner of our FB group, Art Of The Horse‘s banner contest for February! We have over 6,500 members and growing daily. With very interactive members, critiquing sessions, Q&As, contests and more, this is the place to be if you are an equine artist or art lover.


All you need is one look at Adeline Halvorson’s paintings to see the power and grace she conveys through her art that draws you in. On your second, closer look at her acrylics, you will see that with every unique brush stroke she touches the surface with, the personality  of her subject-equine or otherwise-shines through.


“My growth as an artist is of prime importance to me. I am continually researching new and better ways to approach my painting, all the while keeping in mind that “brush mileage” is my greatest teacher. I paint the subjects that are true to my heart, and definitely believe the words of Sir Winston Churchill: ‘There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man’-Adeline Halvorson


Shows & Accomplishments:

AWARDS (recent years)
2014 Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award, Calgary Stampede
2009 and 2012 Best of Show Flatwork Calgary Stampede
2010, 2011,2012 and 2014 Ducks Unlimited National Print Program
2009 Artist’s Choice – Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Art Auction


1994 – 1996, 2004 – 2015 Calgary Stampede Western Art Show
2013 Celebration of Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ
2010-2011 The West is Best Show, Surrey, BC


2013 – chosen to design and paint “Pulling Together”, the painting used for the 2014 Calgary Stampede Poster.
2009 – “La Primera” Children’s Art Book written by Ian Tyson, featuring 13 Halvorson paintings.


TFS: How did you first get involved in art and horses?

AH: My mom was a horsewoman and my sisters and I got our love of horses from her. When I was 11 years old we talked my dad into letting us get our first horse, which turned out to be cantankerous pony that was soon replaced by two young mixed breed horses. We rode those horses all year and drove them with a sleigh in the winter, skied behind them, and took them to local shows. I think I first started drawing horses because I wanted one. And then I just kept right on doing it. They are a beautiful subject with endless possibilities for personality, positions, details, tack, etc.


TFS: Favorite breeds?

AH: I grew up with mixed breed horses and don’t really have a favourite breed. I have owned many different breeds, both purebred and mixed. I do paint a lot of draft horses but no specific breed. A lot of my subjects are just horses being horses.


TFS: Do you work in other mediums besides painting?

AH:  I have done two bronzes, one of a dog and one of a horse. I really enjoyed the sculpture but my fingers won’t take both the painting and the sculpting so I had to choose.


TFS: Would you tell us about  your Art Studio Blog?

AH: Many years ago I taught a weekly art class. As well as the amount of time it took out of my week, one of the reasons I didn’t like it is that most of the students were just in there for the socializing and a lot of the people who asked me questions when I was showing and painting at art shows couldn’t come to a weekly class because of the distance away that they lived or because of the cost of the class. I felt there were a lot more people I could help if I approached it a different way. A few years ago I started doing workshops and find it was much more gratifying. About the same time I came up with the idea to start an art instruction blog. With 40 years of experience, I felt there were ways I could help other artists without having to go through the trial and error that I did to learn technique, art business, etc. I was also frustrated with art books that really didn’t “teach” you anything. They just showed pretty pictures and gave a few snippets but not a lot of actual techniques, brush strokes, tips and ideas. I wrote a book but just before signing a contract to publish it I realized they were going to change it too much — into the type of book I have been so frustrated with. Even the instructional articles I have written from magazines have edited out all the things I felt the artists want to know, like what kind of brushes were used, the paints I used, etc. By combining videos, text and photos on a blog I knew I’d be able to give a lot more in depth instruction as well as address art business concerns and the trials and tribulations we all go through as artists. By charging a small membership fee, I can justify putting a good percentage of my time into it. I’m finding it very gratifying and my students seem to really be benefiting.


TFS: How do you market your equine art?

AH: I have maintained a mailing list of clients, art enthusiasts and anyone interested in my work for more than 25 years. Names on this list were collected at shows, through my website, and through personal contact. I’ve done regular newsletters for many years, first by postal mail, and now by email. I regularly update my email subscribers on upcoming shows, new print releases or other products that I have available. Once or twice a year I host an open house at my home studio where I invite those on my mailing list and I show my latest creations. For the last dozen or so years I have done the Calgary Stampede Art Show which runs for 10 days in early July. The Stampede draws visitors from all over the world so as well as locally I’ve sold several pieces to overseas customers. The show also includes an auction that I regularly participate in. When I have enough paintings, I have added other shows including the Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale Arizona, and a couple of shows in neighbouring provinces. I also have my work in an art gallery in Whitefish Montana, Sunti World Art.


TFS: Any new projects of exhibits coming up?

AH:  I just sent a shipment of paintings off to Sunti World Art, and I am busy preparing for the Stampede Show in July.

Thank you for letting me feature you and congrats again, Adeline!


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  1. Can I join your group?


    1. Shya Beth says:

      Hi Shannon! Anyone can join. Please take a look over the description and pinned post-I hope you enjoy your time there 🙂


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