Sculpting The Legends: Emmanuel Frémiet

Best known for his life size equine statues of Joan Of Arc and Napoleon I,  Emmanuel Frémiet has been called “the leading sculptor of animals in his day” and his work can be found in towns and museums in France and several parts of Europe.

Emmanuel Frémiet

1824 –  1910

Location: Paris, France


Born in Paris, Emmanuel studied art under the guiding eye of his aunt, French painter Sophie Frémiet’s husband François Rude. Early on in his career his love for all types of animals could be seen through his art, although early on in his career he was and adviser and painter in the gruesome morgue. His first animal sculpture to lunch him into success was his”Wounded Bear” and “Wounded Dog”, which the  Luxembourg Museum quickly acquired.


Bertrand du Guesclin in Dinan, France

Later in his life in 1878, he became an Officer of the French Legion of Honor in 1878 became a member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts in 1892 before succeeding Antoine-Louis Barye as the professor of animal drawing at the Natural History Museum of Paris. 22 years later, he died on September 10th in his beloved city of Paris and is buried in the Cimetière de Louveciennes.

Napoleon Monument 3D Scan In 2015


Napoleon Bonaparte on Horseback by Emmanuel Fremiet

A French 3D scanning and visualization  company, ” IMA Solutions” to “develop new multimedia tools, such as 3D interactive systems, for the world’s leading museums.” Two years ago, they scanned Emmanuel Fremiet’s “Napoleon Bonaparte on Horseback” for the Musée de la Révolution Française in Vizille, France. To preserve  “the monument’s 3D copy for posterity and preparing a 3D model for an exhibition celebrating the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s return to France from his exile on the island of Elba.” To read more go here.


“Le Cheval de Saltimbanque” (The fairground horse), 1859 – Bronze


“A Guitarist On A Donkey” bronzed792a03f9b1990561939b27a1fce9ee0.jpg

Emmanuel Frémiet

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