The Colorful & Powerful Recycled Equine Sculptures By Doug Owen


Doug Owen’s equine sculptures at first glace, seen whimsical- a fun, abstract way to create horses out of recycled metal parts. But when I see them, I see the history of horses through the shapes and colors. For thousands of years people used horses in very part of their lives, training them to be ridden and to pull carts-without them where would we be? When the automobile was created, it marked the end of the days that we counted on horses for transportation and….our whole way of life changed, really. Now, years later when horses are more like companions then the work animals that  we needed in order to survive, Doug takes old machinery parts-the very things that change horses and peoples lives-and sculpting them to represent our equine family. At the same time, the parts that Doug Owens has used to create his  horses  are vintage-they have been replaced as well in this never ending story of creating “better, new and faster” objects. Quite striking when you think of it like that, don’t you think?


Doug Owen 


Location: Born in South Dakota

Residence: Lives and Works in Colorado

Education: Art Major from University of South Dakota
and Dakota State College.

Website, Facebook

 After 40 years of exploring different art mediums, Doug’s sculptures  have a captured the world’s attention, resulting in numerous exhibits at galleries and museums.  Now currently residing in western Colorado and is  collaborating with his two sons Matthew and Ben while watching their artistic talent blossom into careers.









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