Poster Week! Part 2 ~ The Hampton Classic Horse Show ~


This year’s poster was done by Julie Freund~


Poster Week! Part 2 is on the world famous horse show ~The  Hampton Classic  Horse Show !! I contacted the Executive Director, Shanette Barth Cohen who took the time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions .  Here is a little bit of information on The Hampton Classic Horse Show.


The Hampton Classic~

Founded In: 

Location: Bridgehampton, NY, USA


For the Posters:


The Hampton Classic is one of the famous horse shows in the country and is also known as a celebrity show that has been held in Long Island ,NY.

The roots of the Hampton Classic go to the early 1900s in Southampton to a show that was discontinued during WW1. It was revived in the 1920s and then discontinued again inWW2. It was revived a third time in 1959 as the Southampton Horse Show which was discontinued in the mid-1960s.

The Southampton Classic that is still going today, started back up in 1971 by the Topping Riding Club in NY as a one-day show. In 1976 it became a five-day rated show held initially at Dune Alpin Farm in East Hampton NY. In 1978, its name was formally changed to the Hampton Classic and in 1982 it moved to its present location on Snake Hollow Road Bridgehampton.

The Hampton Classic is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization with a two-fold mission: to put on a world class equestrian event and to support other local charities. The Hampton Classic makes an annual financial contribution to Southampton Hospital, and provides additional in-kind support to the Hospital as well as dozens of other area charities~


Here are the posters from the Hampton Classic.  I have listed almost all of them.  Hope you enjoy them all with their unique styles~







Hampton Classic poster 1981


1982 Hampton Classic
1982 Hampton Classic














1996 Nina Duran



1998 Mickey Paraskevas Hampton Classic Poster


2000 Hampton Classic Poster



2001 Edwina Halsey Hampton Classic Poster



2002 Nicholas Gamarello Hampton Classic Poster















After seeing all of these fantastic posters, and if you ever wanted to see your artwork as one of them, Shanette told me a little bit about the way they select artwork to become their poster for the  year.

“We invite artists to submit an image of their artwork to be considered by our poster committee comprised of some artists, some Board Members and some staff.  The elements that the committee members often thing about include – how well done the piece is artistically, how much the image is connected to the Hampton Classic (for example, a stunning polo image is unlikely to get selected as we’re show jumping or show hunters not polo), and if it’s something different from what has been selected in recent years.  Also, the committee usually shies away from artwork that looks too much like a portrait or depicts a specific, identifiable horse/rider.”
“We don’t share the names of the committee members as the list isn’t necessarily the same from year to year and so that artists don’t try to lobby for their piece to any of the committee members. “

2014 Exhibitor Index Cover Contest Finalists

 The Hampton Classic sponsored a  Exhibitor Index Cover Contest. Here are several of the finalists! You can see more at the Hampton Classic’s FaceBook page.
Julie age 16


Grace – Age 17


Memi – Age 17

Well, I hope you all enjoy this week’s Poster Week!  Thank you so much again Shanette, for all of your help!

Be sure to come back Tuesdays & Fridays for  more great horse art!


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !


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