~The Equine Art of Donna Bernstein~

Here is our latest feature artist, Donna Bernstein! She will be doing a Q&A Session on #EquineArtHour–More information below on that! ~Donna Bernstein~ 1954- Site: http://www.donnabernstein.com  McCall, Idaho and  Scottsdale, Arizona, USA  Donna Bernstein was drawn to horses at a young age. She would watch whatever horses she could find in her town north of Manhattan, New York, USA….

Poster Week! Part 2 ~ The Hampton Classic Horse Show ~

    Poster Week! Part 2 is on the world famous horse show ~The  Hampton Classic  Horse Show !! I contacted the Executive Director, Shanette Barth Cohen who took the time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions .  Here is a little bit of information on The Hampton Classic Horse Show.   The Hampton…