EXTENDED: PART 2- Equine Art For Sale Benefiting Mylestone Equine Rescue- AOTH Saves A Horse!


UPDATE: This Project is now EXTENDED till the end of December!


Here is PART TWO of Art Of The Horse Saves A Horse’s initiative to help horses around the world. Each month, horse lovers are coming together around the world to support horse charities and save horses in need. There are artists participating from the USA, Canada, Finland, Italy, UK and other locations. 50% of each painting and sculpture will be given to Mylestone Equine Rescue, located in New Jersey, that helps horses in desperate need. Now is the perfect time to purchase one of these paintings-right in time for the holidays!  There are in total 23 art works completed, with several sold and several more in progress.


Helping artists, helping horses.jpg



Want to see more of the art in this project? go here.




Connie Sanocki


“Piper” 10″ x 10″ acrylic. $200.00 + shipping. 50% goes to Milestone Equine Rescue. Located in  Ann Arbor Michigan, USA




For more detailed information about this project, please read this post.




Heidi Wirgentius‎


“Cloudy”, oil on stretched canvas. 70x50cm.


250USD including shipping, located in Finland. 50% of profits to Mylestone equine rescue.



See something you like? Send me an email at: Theflyingshetlands@gmail.com



Cadienne Lorenz

“Sundance – Mylestone Equine Rescue”

Colored Pencil, Pen and Bombay India Ink


Black Strathmore Drawing Paper

$200. Buyer pays shipping. Located in Arizona, USA

50% of the profits head to Mylestone Equine Rescue



To follow the progress of this project, follow the Facebook Page for Art Of The Horse!





Anthony Valentino Robinson

“Piper” 15 x17, Oil on canvas.  50% of the sales goes to the rescue efforts. $275 plus shipping. Ohio, USA.



Patricia Domensino‎

“Tango” in soft pastels and pastel pencils, on canson paper, size approximately 35 x 50 cm (13.7 x 19.6 inch).
It is $239.30 USD (located in New Zealand)  plus package and postage. 50 % goes to Mylestone Equine Rescue.

Liz Warren‎

“Tango” $100.00 purchaser pays postage. 50% of the proceeds go to Mylestone Rescue.
Oil on canvas board (37cm x 27cm)



Laura Gibbons‎


“Marley” oils on canvas, 16 x 20″ unframed (forgive the camera glare!) £220.00 gbp plus shipping with 50% going to Mylestone Equine Rescue.


Other Works In Progress


Sheri Gordon‎

My progress on ‘Sundance’ from the AOTH Saves a Horse event. Getting close to completion…(pastel on suede board) #aothsavesahorse


Suzi Leggett‎

🐎 A study of Piper in soft pastels on paper. 80% of the price of the painting will be given to the rescue.



Mystical Piper✨

AOTH – Saves A Horse” project

To benefit http://www.mylestone.org/ 🐎

80% of the price of the painting will be given to the rescue.

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