Wendy Beresford~ African Wildlife and Equine Artist!




I love Wendy Beresford’s Zebras and the way she depicts them!


~Wendy Beresford~

Location: Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

 Site: http://www.wendyberesfordart.com


Wendy Beresford was  born in 1971 in Harare, Zimbabwe South Africa and started her professional career as an artist in 2006. A self-taught artist,, she moved to Nottingham Road in South Africa’s KwaZulu Natal.  In that time, she changed her techniques and methods.

She began panting horses and figurative art and using both oils and pastels, then became fascinated with painting wildlife. Oils and acrylics are now her  preferred medium in all of her art.

I cannot help but get involved with my subjects and, as a result, I have developed an absolute passion for the African bush and the wildlife that we are so honored to be able to still see in the wild, but that future generations may not.  Understanding that their future is so very precarious came as a shock to me, as growing up in Zimbabwe, I had tended to take their presence for granted.  In my small way, I hope that my work will excite people again about African wildlife and bring the predicament of these incredible species to the attention of us all before it is too late.  The tragedy that our children may only being able to see a lion or a leopard in captivity, and even that being a rare sight, is a very real possibility.

My trips to wildlife parks in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa in order to collect sketches and the photographs are a true high point in my life.  This is when I get to just be in the bush and with the animals.  It feeds my soul and I come back inspired again to do better justice to their power, beauty and fragility through my paintings.

I believe that the combination of animals and art is a truly healing one; a channel through which we can learn to be more aware of our responsibility and purpose as humans on earth – students, creators and custodians.~Wendy Beresford


Natural Collection
Natural Collection


TFS: Do you own any horses that you use as models for your work?

Wendy Beresford: I don’t have horses physically in my life at the moment, and haven¹t done
so now since I left Zimbabwe in 2006.  But for me, more and more, the
presence of horses is a feeling.  My view of horses and their ³job² here
on Earth has changed over the past 10 years.  I was deeply affected by,
among other things, watching “The Path of the Horse” by Stormy May
(available on YouTube as a full length documentary).  Her message is one
of recognising the horse as a teacher and guide, rather than as sports
equipment or something to be subjugated to our demands, values and uses. I
believe they are carriers of souls between states, and they have an
age-old emotional wisdom that we are only just beginning to be aware of in
ourselves, as humans.  So when I paint horses, my goal is always to paint
their spirit, their essence and I have found that, when I manage to
capture the horse energy in a painting, all the other details fall into
place and the reference photograph becomes unnecessary.
Into the Light
TFS:What is your favorite thing about the art that you do?
Wendy Beresford: Painting!  I just love painting!  I mean, I get to look at beautiful
things, such as wildlife and animals and then attempt to depict them in my
own way, using awesome colours and textures.  What greater pleasure is
there?!  And I’m allowed to wear tatty t-shirts and get as dirty as I like
when I do!  Coming up a close second is the time I spend with my
photographer partner on our visits to game reserves, being with wildlife
and in the bush, far away from humanity.
TFS: What do you like to paint the most?
Wendy Beresford: Eyes are my favourite part of any painting.  Usually I manage to get them
with minimal effort, and yet it is never a formula that can be followed
time after time.  Each eye is unique and the process of capturing the
luminosity, soul and depth is like jumping off a cliff into the unknown
every time.  Yet, strangely enough, I am more confident painting eyes than
any other aspect of an animal.
TFS: Why did you chose to paint paintings?
Wendy Beresford: I didn’t.  Painting chose me – well that’s how it feels.  I never did art
at school and spent 15 years in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.  
It was only when I experienced major change in the form of leaving my
career, home and country that I found painting.  So it really wasn’t where
I began, but it is definitely where I am now.
TFS: Do you work in any other mediums?
Wendy Beresford:I have worked in acrylics and enjoyed them.  Pastels lend themselves well
to my style as well, which is pretty detailed.  But I always end up with
oils – they are my first love.  Oh, and I recently tried my hand at
sculpture, which I so loved – it was just like playing with mud!
Zebra Eye Pastel
Zebra Eye Pastel
TFS: Do you have any upcoming events/shows coming up?
Wendy Beresford: No, since the beginning of 2014, I have been in a very reclusive place
with my art, undergoing many changes and much growth creatively.  It has
been a bumpy road, full of fits and starts, but I have learned that
creativity never stays still, and change is often not very comfortable! So
I have now accepted that, for the moment, I’m in a place of transition
and, as with anything new, my painting needs time to “become” without too
much publicity!  I think all artists go through phases where they must
retreat to create a new body of work and that requires quite a bit of
isolation and solitude.  I do have a small gallery at home where my work
can be seen by appointment and that is always open for visitors though!~


Due Date

Due Date


Spirit of Horse - WIP
Spirit of Horse



At Liberty
At Liberty
Up, Close and Personal
Up, Close and Personal


Their Perspective
Their Perspective


Sentient Being
Sentient Being



In Flight
In Flight





The Herd
The Herd


Hope you all enjoyed seeing today’s featured artist! Thank you, Wendy, for your time and answering  my questions so my readers could get to know you better!


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !

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  1. Laina says:

    What a lovely interview. I love your work Wendy!


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