Sabine Peters~Germany

Hi everyone! Here is my latest article featuring Sabine Peters, an amazing photographer from Germany. She has so many wonderful art pieces, many that I did not include in this article, so be sure to go to her site and see more!

~Sabine Peters~


Location: Born in Hanau, Germany, now lives in a small town near Frankfurt


Artist Sabine Peters was born in May 1969 in Hanau, Germany. She grew up sending most of her free time on her neighbor’s farm, she learned to handle and respect all different kind of animals, and started the foundation of love and passion for horses.

 “I was fascinated by them – the power, the movement, everything”.

Peters now lives with her family, horse, sheep and border collies in a small town near Frankfurt. In 2009,  Peters trained in computer science and  web design, along with wildlife photography.

“Already as a young girl I drew and painted in different ways, e.g., with brush, chalk and pencil. At this time I experienced a totally new way and opportunity to express my love and vision in terms of the grace of horses. Due to my fascination for the graceful and stylish animals, photography opened up a new tool of art for me, and it was my challenge to make my personal perception accessible for others”.

In early 2012, Peters started to focus on equine photography and digital painting in many styles.

“Every horse owner sees something special in his horse, and it’s my intention and passion to depict this one special moment when the human heart is touched with love while spending time with his beloved four-legged friend. Every picture is a declaration of love, respect and confidence between two different species”.








Thanks Sabine for letting me feature you! Hope you all enjoyed seeing her fabulous work!


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !



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