~The Equine Art Of Frances Marino~ Official Program Cover For 2015 Intercollegiate Horse Show association~

notacloudinthesky small
“Not A Cloud In the Sky” is the program cover for the 2015 Intercollegiate Horse Show Finals

This year’s  Intercollegiate Horse Show Association’s (IHSA) program cover art was done by western artist Frances Marino. The IHSA’s mission statement is:  “The IHSA promotes competition for riders of all skill levels, who compete individually and as teams at regional, zone, and national levels.”

Founded first in 1967 in New Jersey by  Bob Cacchione and his professor Jack Fritz, this has grown to be nationwide event. Starting with just two colleges, it is non-profit organization that includes 37 Regions in 8 Zones with about 400 member colleges in 45 states and Canada – representing more than 9000 riders in Western Horsemanship, Hunter Seat Equitation and Reining. To Find Out More About  Intercollegiate Horse Show, Go Here: http://www.ihsainc.com 

~Frances Marino~

Location: Colorado 


Art has been something I have been drawn to my whole life. However, it wasn’t until 2005, when I was thinking about retirement and wondering what I would be doing in those years that I starting considering my place in the art world. I’ve always loved going to art openings, galleries, art shows and talking with artists and thought doing my own art would be a wonderful place to start my new career heading towards retirement.

Throughout the years I have taken classes here and there, but once I decided to take my art seriously, I started by taking a couple of drawing classes from the Front Range Community College and then moved on to classes at the Colorado Art Academy which was a wonderful school but is now gone. I’ve also taken classes with local and regional artists. Of course, the most important schooling of all is “learn as you go”.

I can’t think of a better place to have landed in my quest for a new beginning, than to be able to have created a piece of art that has truly touched someone enough to have it displayed in their home.

My art is constantly evolving, hopefully with no end in site!

How were you chosen for the 2015 International Collegiate Horse Show Program Cover?

The director of Intercollegiate National Horse show finals found my art from the magazine ad in Sideline Magazine where I had an ad in the artist edition from last year, which is coming out again I think next month. The show is over and no I did not attend or have art for sale there.

Has being the program cover artist helped your career?

I don’t know if being on the cover helped my career but I do get sales here and there for my prints but don’t know if it came from that exposure.
Do you ride or show horses?

I have two horses of my own that are in my backyard and ride regularly but not showing anymore. All trail rides now with my quarter horse Rojo and Halflinger Desi.
Where do you primarily show your art?

I am still working as a hairstylist and have the great fortune to have my art displayed on the walls of the studio Rumours and in Boulder Colorado Bed and Breakfast named The Bradley Hotel in Downtown Boulder. The Grand Lake Art Gallery carries my prints. I also enter lots of local shows through the year. 

Do you work in any other  mediums?

I love working in pastel as my favorite medium but tend to work with acrylics for my bigger pieces.

bridle ready (600 x 488)
“Bridle Ready”


browns at play small (1)
“Browns At Play”
ive got your back
I’ve Got Your Back
horse sketch NM greyscale (574 x 600)
“Horse Sketch”
mares and foals small
“Mares and Foals”
meetingoftheminds small
“Meeting Of The Minds”
New Mexico Horse one (263 x 600)
“New Mexico Horse”
NM horse sketch 1 (214 x 600)
New Mexico Horse Sketch”
ride like you stole it small
“Rider Like You Stole It”
the horizon line
“The Horizon Line”
spooked small
trouble makers (600 x 502)
“Trouble Makers”

Thank you to Frances Marino for supplying images, bio  and answering my questions! Be sure to check Frances and  IHSA’s Site:  Frances-Marino.artistwebsites.com   http://www.ihsainc.com.


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands ! 



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