Equine Artist Insider: Sandy Rabinowitz Talks About Her Horsey Life & Equine Art Passion

 Artist Sandy Rabinowitz exhibited her wire sculptures at the Equus Film Festival in November. For more information on the Equus Film Festival, click here.
~Sandy Rabinowitz~
Location: Bethany, Connecticut, USA
I have always had a horse. I won my first pony when I was 8 years old! I love to trail ride, study dressage, drive my horse and jump him. He is an American Saddlebred.  I doodle on every piece of paper that comes my way. I have 3 artistic grown children. I invented a new way of braiding the manes of horses with our craft wire. See http://www.braideez.com — Sandy Rabinowitz
Artist Sandy Rabinowitz
TFS: What is your favorite art medium and why?
SR: I like all mediums because I love to take on artistic challenges. I love the wire medium right now because fate placed it in my hands.
My family has run a business selling plastic covered copper wire to the arts and craft world since 1960. By 2008,  my elderly parents needed help with their business,’ the Rabinowitz Design Workshop’.  I stepped in to take over because someone had to.  I had been illustrating kids books and equestrian books/magazines for over thirty years. I worked in line and watercolor because it was most convenient. Sometimes my turn around time was overnight.  I had to drop most of my illustration work to take over the family biz. Creating art is in my bones so of course I started to experiment with the wire. (research and development!) I always wanted to work in 3D and so I started playing with our craft wire making three-dimensional horses. I loved the medium and enjoyed the challenge. Soon I wanted to make bigger stronger sculptures so I started using heavy gauge electrical wire and solid copper wire.
TFS: What has been the most helpful in your art career?
SR: Talent and focus. I come from a family of artists and inventors. I was practically born with a crayon in my hand! The drawing gene was passed on to me and my siblings. I have had wonderful feedback from family and friends throughout my life. This includes valuable criticism both positive and negative.  I married a talented cartoonist and we give each other artistic advice all the time.
Friends offered me career opportunities as well.  One of my friends (also one of my riding instructors) became an editor for Dressage Today Magazine and brought me in as an illustrator. I have been illustrating the ‘Solutions’ page for over 20 years!
Race horse sculpture right s
TFS: Are there any artists that you admire/or inspired by?
SR: I get inspired by so many artists –  Da Vinci, Winslow Homer, Maxfield Parrish, Rodin, Turner, CW Anderson, Andrew Wyeth,
Chagall and more. My father, Harold Rabinowitz,  inspired me the most. He loved to experiment and play in all mediums including oils, watercolors, found objects, inner tubes, wire, whatever. He was a passionate artistic explorer.
TFS: Do you have any future exhibits/shows planned?
SR: I would like to have a one-person show at some point. Right now I have sculptures in two galleries.
‘Equis Art Gallery’ in Red Hook NY and ‘Tilting at Windmill’ Gallery in Manchester VT.
I also show work through my website: Sandyhorse.com



“Stryker and Jet”


I really enjoy Sandy’s equine paintings because they have a realistic, yet imaginative and soft presence and feeling in them. I also like that she has worked in a variety  of mediums, from watercolors and acrylics to colored pencils and, of course, her wire sculptures.

“Salina’s Leap”
“Leo”- colored pencil


Greeting Cards~

These funny and cute cards would be great for any occasion, or to be collected, framed and put on a wall!

Dream Riders~

“Trot Half Pass”
“Leap Ahead”


Thank you so much, Sandy, for taking the time to respond to my questions! It was great to meet you at the Equus Film Festival.

Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands!

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