Yaheya Pasha: Painting With Power

Yaheya Pasha’s paintings hold a level of uniqueness all on their own. With bright, colorful strokes of paint inside of lines that forms the body of a horse and with subdued color backgrounds, the horses demand your attention entirely on them. You can just feel the energy ready to burst from the paint.

Yaheya Pasha


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Surrounded by horses all her life, from her parent’s horses to her grandfather’s polo ponies, it’s easy to see how Yaheya’s passion for horses began. Born in South East England, Yaheya and studied  at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design where she graduated with a degree with honors. See her personal website for a closer look at her quickly selling paintings.

TFS: Hello Yaheya and thank you for joining us on #equinearthour. Would you tell us a bit about yourself?

YA: I am an artist from the UK, graduated from Central St Martins and have been painting horses since 2009. My work is collected worldwide including mainland Europe / USA, Middle East and Australasia.

TFS: What inspires you to paint? Do you work in any other mediums?

YA: The personality of the horses themselves & the catalysts for painting them catalysts for painting are Mikhail Vrubel, Edmund Dulac and Egon Schiele

TFS: When did you first start creating art? Do you/your family have an artistic background?

YA: Since I was child and as far as I can remember. My father was a major influence in art history.

TFS: Would you tell us more about your paintings? What sizes do you paint? Do you make prints?  YA: I like to paint on a large scale so the bigger the canvas the better, size unlimited. Prints of all my works are available in all sizes up to A0 on canvas and fine art paper the print quality is very high which means they look as close to the original as possible

TFS: How would you describe your style?

YA: My style is defined by 3 characteristics: 1. Movement; 2. Rich colours contrasted against one another; 3. Dimensional; 4. Linear elements make that 4!

TFS: Any future shows/exhibits? 

YA: Presently I have an equine series of 13 paintings touring major European cities with Little VanGoghIn fact, they have just sold a piece in Paris.

TFS: What works best for promoting your art? 

YA: I find the internet is a wonderful way of reaching audiences directly.

TFS: Are there any artists/people that inspire you with your art, or that you admire?

YA: In addition to artists I mentioned previously, I am inspired by manga anime
& contemporary illustration.

TFS: Any wise words for other artists? 

YA: Be confident in yourself, don’t follow trends and believe in what you do. Keep exploring your artistic potential and most important, enjoy it!

TFS: How do you pick which of the vibrant colors you use to create a new painting?
YA:  Colour is decided by the personality and character of the horse and the emotion I feel. I am always experimenting with new colours and how they interact and behave with each other.

TFS: Is there a medium that you have not worked in but would like to?

YA: Good question! I am now experimenting with inks in conjunction with negative spaces. I have worked with aluminium and slate recently and I would love to try copper and glass.

TFS: Do you give workshops/classes? 
YA: Yes, absolutely! I give both 1-1 and group tutorials & classes. I’ve worked with mentally challenged & elderly. One of the most enjoyable aspects of being an artist is tutoring and mentoring others!

Thanks for the interview, Yaheya!

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