“American Academy Of Equine Art” 2016 Fall Show & Sale

The American Academy Of Equine Art 2016 Fall Show & Sale is showcasing equine art from around America at the Scott County Arts and Cultural Center in Georgetown, Kentucky. The juried exhibit and sale will be open till October 31st featuring art from 38 equine artists, including two of my favorites, Sue Ziegler and Joanna Zeller Quentin!

The painting to the above/side is by: Plishka, J.

For more info, go to the AAEA’s website here.


Sue Ziegler- “Alpha Look” colored pencil- $1200 USD



Joanna Zeller Quentin – “Quicksilver” scrachboard- $1050 USD



“Valiant Leap” by Volrath, L


Sunders, R, “Grey Horse On Blue”





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