Neta Rhyne Talks About “Their Last Ride”, A Story About Thousands Of Horses On Their Last Journey To Slaughter

“The important message is Horse Slaughter is a for profit business fueled by corruption & greed.” – Neta Rhyne, “Their Last Ride” Producer

Thousands of horses take their last ride in cramped stock trailers through the Texas town of Toyahvale, and each time Neta Rhyne has made an unspoken promise to each and every horse: She will do everything and anything she can to raise awareness to stop horse slaughter. “We live along the highway that slaughter bound horses are hauled down on their last ride.” Neta said in an interview on #equinearthour this past Sunday. “Seeing them go by and being unable to help is most difficult.”


Neta is an Enrolled Cherokee by blood and has found a spiritual connection to horses through her heritage, and love for all things equine. Neta says she is a “direct descendant of the ‘Trail Of Tears’ where the horses and mules played an important role in the forced ‘Removal’ of her ancestors to a new land.”

Their Last Ride

Directed/Produced by: Neta Rhyne

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TFS: How did you get the idea for the film?

NR: Over the past five years I have created many awareness campaigns on this subject. A film seemed the perfect medium to reach audiences across the country.

TFS: Would you tell me more about the highway memorial for the horses?

NR: The memorial fence stretches along the highway of Their Last Ride. There is a life size tin horse on display at the fence along with old tack, dedications & halters.

unnamed (6).jpg

TFS: Do you have a release date set for Their Last Ride? How long have you been working on it?
NR: No release date set yet. We have been working on the film for almost a year.

TFS: How can people help your cause? 
NR: They can help our cause by donating to Their Last Ride and help us to complete the film.


TFS: What is it like to have your short film/trailer version of “Their Last Ride” be one of the EQUUS Film Festival’s winners? Has this award affected you or your film in any way? 

NR: What I find most exciting is this film is reaching new audiences and initiating conversation on the subject.

Neta Rhyne and Lisa Diersen of the EQUUS Film Festival

TFS: Any behind the scenes stories you’d like to share with us? 

NR: Sitting in a public meeting just inches away from the owners of the kill pens in Presidio, Texas. It was difficult for me to remain calm. I learned how they truly feel about the horses.


TFS: How long have you been around horses and do you ride?

NR: I have been around horses all my life, when we moved to West Texas our herd grew to 7 horses. Due to health reasons I have not ridden in several years, unfortunately.

TFS: What do you find most interesting in making films? 

NR: Making this film is a new experience for me, I’m learning how hard and yet exciting film making is.


TFS: How many films have you made?

NR: I have created several shorts, this is the 1st full length film and we are also working on the Saddle Of Hope, a story of hope for the horses.

TFS: Are you entering any new films into the EQUUS Film Festival this year? 

NR: Yes, we are entering the Saddle Of Hope Documentary Short trailer.

About The EQUUS Film Festival

The EQUUS Film Festival was founded by Lisa Diersen in 2013 to celebrate equine films and art. In 2014 the EQUUS Film Festival moved to showcase a broader range of films and art to NYC. With films playing from 12pm to 11pm Friday and Saturday, the horses will take over the ‘City That Never Sleeps’ from November 17th to 20th 2016! Read our recap of last year’s festival here. It was an unique experience to be a judge for this year’s entries! There will be many diverse films to see.unnamed

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