Jessie Willyerd’s Sculptural Equine Paintings

With each brush stroke layering against the canvas, Jessie Willyerd sculpts out a unique mix of abstract and realism to create a perfect moment of wild and tame, just like the horse’s personality. The defined features of the horse mixed with a soft abstract background demands your attention in a soft, flowing way.  “My desire to create horses initially came from a longing to be near them. It has evolved into a passion for capturing and expressing the emotions I feel when I interact with them.” says Jessie.

My styles and mediums change, but my intent to express a feeling remains steady throughout my work.-Jessie Willyerd


Jessie Willyerd 

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TFS: Welcome to #equinearthour, Jessie! Thanks for joining us. Would you tell us a bit about your self?


JW: Thank you for having me! I am an artist, equestrian, and teacher. My favorite color is turquoise. 🙂 Growing up all I wanted was a horse. Drawing horses was one way that I could feel more connected to them.

TFS: How long have you been around horses and did you always want a career in the equine industry?

JW: Been around horses my whole life, bought my own when I turned 18. I cannot ever see myself without them. I picked up painting in middle school and my grandmother on my dad’s side was an artist, but I did not know her.


TFS: Would you tell us more about your paintings? What sizes do you paint and do you make prints?

JW: I paint all sizes! 6″ by 6″ all the way up to life size murals. My favorite size is 3′ by 4′! No prints at this time. I feel my work is very affordable and love to offer originals to collectors. I have several pieces at a local gallery in my hometown, Janesville, WI. I also love doing horse fairs!


TFS: How would you describe you style?

JW: Constantly evolving! I am not sure I have a style, I am inspired by many great artists. I want to do it all!

TFS: Would you tell us more about your coloring book? Is this your first book?

JW: Yes! Titled ‘Mustangs and Mandalas. Mandalas represent the Universe and horses are the center of mine! I am self publishing through CreateSpace. So far it has been a breeze!


TFS: Any advice for aspiring authors?

JW: Get it out there. What’s the worst that could happen? Haha!


TFS: What are the ways you find most useful for promoting your paintings?

JW: I really feel that collectors want to know the artist. I enjoy going to shows to meet people and sell my art.

TFS: Do you give workshops/classes? 

JW: I do give private lessons. I love working 1 on 1 with students. I am going to consider workshops in the future.


Thanks for letting me interview you, Jessie! Looking forward to seeing more of your coloring books and other art!

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