An Insight Into The Mind Behind The Film “Irwin Insights: Horse Sense For The Modern World”

With over 40 years of training horses, Chris Irwin brings common sense and horse sense together to create the ultimate relationship between human and horse. Chris Irwin doesn’t  “train” horses. He listens to them and creates a bond through body language; a trusting friendship that goes beyond the ring.   I am thrilled that I had the chance to interview the CEO of Horse Lifestyle, Vanessa Somers, about their latest production!

Now, you can watch and learn so much about Chris Irwin’s techniques to create an everlasting bond with your horse, thanks to Horse Lifestyle’s beautifully done  one-hour long film about his life and methods. This film details his techniques to using common sense and body language. After watching Irwin Insights, all I can say is that Chris Irwin is an exceptional horseman. Everything he said and did made so much sense and the way the film done tied everything together perfectly! Anyone who owns a horse or works with equines in all disciplines, anywhere in the world, should watch this film. Your relationship with your horse will change for the better.


“Irwin Insights: Horse Sense For The Modern World” was directed and produced by Horse Lifestyle, showing Irwin’s epic journey from an abused child to a young man working at a racetrack, to ultimately a world renowned horse trainer, personal coach and best-selling author. “Horse sense to me is logic and there is not a lot of logic in the horse world today,” said Chris Irwin. “Working with Horse Lifestyle allows me to bring my insights and experience to a whole new group of people, that I would normally not be able to reach. In a demo or a workshop I can talk to the people there, by collaborating with Horse Lifestyle’s production team and their global distribution, I can now share my message with the entire world at once.”


Horse Lifestyle is also working on a new, exciting series on Chris Irwin that will premiere towards the end of 2017. That will be one to watch!

About Horse Lifestyle

Horse Lifestyle is a multimedia company founded in 2011 transforming the way we watch equine films, series, books and magazines. You can get your first month of Horse Lifestyle free when you sign up: HorseLifestyle.TV

Vanessa Somers.jpg

Vanessa Somers (CEO of Horse Lifestyle) was gracious enough to let me interview her about Horse Lifestyle’s latest film last Sunday (11/20/16) on #equinearthour on Twitter! Read the interview below.

TFS: Hello & welcome to #equinearthour, Vanessa! Thanks for letting me interview you. Would you tell us a bit about yourself and Horse Lifestyle?

VS: I started riding when I was about 7 years old and horses have been part of my live ever since. We started Horse Lifestyle 5 years ago and we’ve been live for almost 1 year now!

TFS: When did you first approach Chris Irwin and how long have you been planning on making a film about him?

VA: We first had contact about 1 year ago after which I visited one of his clinics. Our team believed he deserved his own film and so we made one. Most striking thing for me [about Chris Irwin] was that his methods worked on every horse and I saw and the effects and results remain.


TFS: Is he planning on publishing anymore books in the near future?

VS: I believe he is in the process of writing a new book and hopefully we can add it to Horse Lifestyle’s collection of equine books.

TFS: How does his coaching sessions work? Does he teach 1 on 1 or in groups?

VS: He does both, you can already learn a lot just by sitting in the audience or watching it on film! You can use his insights with your horses and apply them to your daily life.


TFS: What was the most fun/exciting part of your job?

VS: The best part of my job is that I get to meet all these amazing horse trainers and beautiful horses!

TFS: Will you be featuring Chris Iwrin in any other films/series?

VS: We are in the process of creating a series! But we have a lot of great productions in the 2017 planning.


TFS: Any sneak peeks about your upcoming films?

VS: We are working on a production about Master Luis Valença, famous from Appasionata and the Lusitano and we are doing new horse breed films. Also a film on Potato Richardson known from Tevis Cup.

TFS: What is the benefit of getting subscription to Horse Lifestyle?

VS: You can experience all the different insights and information from the best in the world in one place. A place to get inspired, to learn or to be entertained by all the great things the horse world offers. We strive to help everyone find their own best trail in life with horses. Help you define your own insights.


TFS: How do you select new films/books/etc. to have on Horse Lifestyle?

VS: On many criteria, with a lot of people. Is it positive or inspiring, excellence or equitaining for example.

TFS: What’s your next project?

VS: We always work on multiple projects at a time, the biggest one now is about Master Luis Valença.


Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to let me interview you, Vanessa! And Happy Thanksgiving to all of my US readers. Share what you are thankful for in The Flying Shetlands Facebook group (nearly 3,000 members), Art Of The Horse!

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