Kathryn Leitner: Colors Of Ranch Life

The sun is shining in Kathryn Leitner’s painting, arousing the sense of the sun’s warmth on your skin with just a glance. The mares and foals are resting, soaking in the delightful feeling after a day of grazing, or perhaps after the long winter. Now, take a closer look. What do you see? You might start to notice the various colors, lights, darks and shapes that Kathyrn used to create this visually satisfying masterpiece. From the sky blue hues, to the light green grass that fades to the brown of the dirt, which then continues to blend it’s way into the monochromes of dark browns, reds and other earthy tones that bring the horses to life. And how could I forget the soft, fluffy foal mane? This, along with many of Kathyrn’s other work shows her passion for horses and the long hours, days and years she put into practicing her art and developing her style.


And, she had plenty of time to do just that. Spending most of her time on her grandparent’s ranch in the rich, artistic landscape of Montana (USA) surrounded by horses and cattle, the western way of life and culture soon became the foundation for her art. She started off with graphite, which led her to explored the world of color through colored pencils and oil paints. She continues to learn and discover new things in her chosen mediums with the help of local art workshops, books and of course, seeing and studying her horses and animals. Kathryn Now lives in rural Oklahoma with her husband, son and art studio.


“I feel blessed to have been bestowed with the God given gift of visual storytelling and I want to share the story of the people who still carry the values and character that our great country was founded on, the American Ranching Family.”-Kathryn Leitner

unnamed (2)


Kathryn’s art will be exhibited at America’s Horse In Art show at the American Quarter Horse Museum, on show from August 12 till October 14.


Kathryn Leitner

Location: Lives in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, From Winnett, Montana

Medium: Color Pencil

Websites/Social Media: Website, Facebook Page, Instagram

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TFS: How long have you been an equine artist and what inspires you?

KL: I have been interested in art and horses as long as I can remember. From the time I was small I have enjoyed drawing. When I was young, my family lived on my grandparents ranch in northeastern Montana. I was drawn to horses from that time on. Drawing was my way of staying connected to them when my family was pulled away from the rural life. I have always enjoyed my art but have taken it much more serious the last 15 or so years.

Tied On to Tradition_edited-2

TFS: Do have a favorite breed/discipline?

KL: The American Quarter Horse is definitely my favorite breed as I own and show Quarter Horses in ranch and cattle events. They are also the main breed used by the ranch families that are featured in most of my work.

Ill Be Right Here copy

TFS: Are there any artistic mediums that you have not worked in and would like to try?

KL: I have only lightly dabbled in sculpture but very much look forward to having time to explore that medium. Not only will it be fun to try another form of art but I know it will help with my drawing and painting skills as well.

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TFS: Did you go to art school or study under any other artists?

KL: I had a good high school art teacher, which I am grateful for. I have also had the good fortune to have a couple of great teachers as an adult that I have taken painting and life drawing lessons with. I attend workshops and take any chance I can to view good art. More importantly, I have been blessed with the support and encouragement of, first, my parents and later, my husband and son.


TFS: Any advice for other artists?

KL: Never quit learning and don’t give up! I still have a “day job” but am grateful for every opportunity to share my God given gift with others. I hope they enjoy viewing my art as much as I enjoy gathering reference material and creating it. I have had so many opportunities that would not have been possible without my art!

Thank you for answering my questions, Kathryn! I hope your exhibit at the America’s Horse In Art Show goes amazingly well.

Raised on Country Sunshine_edited-1

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