Happy Mare’s Day! Mares & Foals In Art- Part 2

Here is Part 2! To view Part 1, click here.

Sandra Schluter

This is probably one of my earliest drawings. Not sure if its suitable, but its the only mare and foal I have done 🙂

Ros Beck

This is a standard bred mare and foal I just did a couple weeks ago.

Joan Frimberger

Acrylic on canvas from my own photo

Mia DeLode

“Welcome Party” oil

Lana Tyler

This is “In A Mare’s Eye”. Oil on gallery wrapped canvas. 


Laura Frederick

A beautiful Belgium spotted pony and her adorable foal…this is acrylic on canvasboard. Photo ref. Arno Kleijkers, used with permission.

Toni McCluskey

“Patience Is A Virtue”, because we all know a child who annoys their mother. 😂

Kay Louise Davidson Charcoal drawing
Ruth Green

Bronze on wood Simpatico Series 3

Kelly Moore
This is our Standardbred mare with her colt,sired by a Holsteiner. We still have her,she will be 26 years old on Friday. My own reference photo,pastel pencil.
Tami Bullet Donnelly

Medicine Hat Mustang Mare and Foal

Tricia Bellamy Southall
This is from a drawing I did 50 some years ago of my first Welsh mare and her half Arab/welsh cross filly….I am 64 now…many horses and foals through the years , but I will always have a special place in my heart for “Lady and Penny”
Stephen Barackman

Sheltered 24×30 watercolor my own fotos

Helen Coulter

Andalusian mare Pogo with her foal Prince, who is by the amazing dressage stallion Lauries As owned by Remi Stud. Painted at 1 week old, full of personality and cheek! acrylic on canvas , my own photo ref

18198253_1427964427247073_9088310953605672427_n (1).jpg
Ainslie Gilles-Patel

Arabian mare and foal. Photography.


Bev Schutz

“GOLD ON MT ALMA”, from a black and white photo taken 65 years ago. The colt on the left became an incredible showjumper for me. The station still have palomino descendants of this group running on the mountain to this day.

Shelly Presley Clydesdale mare and foal (my picture)just sold this piece 🙂
Holly Pottinger

Promise, 24 x 32 oil on wrapped canvas

Lisa Ann Watkins

Coloured pencil

Jean Feeney

‘What’s up, mum?’

Kay Prior 

My pastel painting “Security”
Laurie With

Fjord mare and foal. i entered this in the Equine Photographers Network contest in 2010, and won a first in the Amateur Head Shot category.

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