“Modern Masters Of Equine Art” Free Online Workshops Hosted By TFS–WEEK 3

Today kicks off the first Q&A for Week 3 of the workshop of “Modern Masters Of Equine Art”, an online workshop Q&A sessions with some of the best equine artists today. With two Q&As each week with the likes of Tony O’Connor, Steve Messenger, Steven Lang and many others, this is sure to be several weeks full of equine art tips, techniques, marketing and more! This workshop will take place on the Facebook Group “Art Of The Horse“, run and hosted by The Flying Shetlands. All you have to do is join the group for free (if you are not a member yet!) and open the door to a world of equine art!



Steven Lang is this week’s Master Artist. Today (Tuesday Sept. 19th 20017″#techniquetuesday”–each day has a theme/prompt), he will be answering your questions about all things watercolor, pencil and oils. Then, on Saturday ( Sept. 22th “#superstarssaturday”) Steven will be back on to answer you questions about all things marketing. This is an equine artist’s dream come true!



How to bring your art to the next level:

  1. Join Art Of The Horse Facebook group (it’s free!) and read the group rules in the pinned post/description.
  2. The “Pinned Post” (first post you see in the group) will be about today’s Q&A artist-Steven Lang. Each Q&A runs all day long, so there is no set time. This works great since we have members from around the world!
  3. Comment your question OR share a photo a painting/drawing to be critiqued by this week’s artist. Ask as many questions as you like, but one painting to be critiqued per person, please.
  4. SHARE with your art friends! This for geared for equine artists, but the info can be used across all subjects.


Info On Art Of The Horse:

Since the late summer of 2016, Art Of The Horse has grown from 2,000 members to over 22,000 and has become the largest equine art community on Facebook. Each day brings in a whole new treasure trove of paintings, art and marketing advice and painting tips. With a herd of friendly, positive and helpful artists, you are sure to enjoy your time spent sharing your art and viewing other artists representation of our beloved animal–the horse!


Info on Master Artist Steven Lang:

With a curious interest in the old western way of life, Steve Lang has fully submerged himself into the history of the American West through his paintings. Being of Pawnee and Cherokee descent, his interest in his heritage started him of on a lifelong journey to discover everything he could about Native Americans, ranchers, cowboys and  everything that made the West the way it was. To make his paintings as historically correct as possible, Steven is an active participant is historic reenactments of tribal activities, battles and other historic moments. Working mainly in Oils, Steven also paints with watercolor, airbrushing and works in pencils and clay. Take a look on his website to read more about this western artist and see more of his art.




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