The 12 Days Of Equine Artists: Extended! Day 18

Ruth Green is our artist of the day for the 18th Day Of Equine Artists, an equine art take on the 12 Days Of Christmas. Let’s go explore her sculptures!


Living in what she describes as a vibrant art community in Santa Barbara, California, Ruth’s detailed bronze sculptures are reminiscent of the 1900s equine masters, while also giving off the feeling of a modernistic feel. I especially love her talent of sculpting movement, giving forth the blissful thought of galloping through the fields, and  the sun glistening off the bronze coats of the horses on a sunny day. Ruth is juried member of the Americna Academy Of Equine Art, participating in their prestigious juried shows in the spring and fall, and was selected to be a part of the National Sculpture Society 84th Annual Awards Exhibition at Brookgreen Garden in South Carolina.

Visit her website here.








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