“The Horse in Ancient Greek Art” Exhibit At Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts, USA

Horses have been an integral part of Greek history–through the traditional use of horses for transport and warfare, to the myths and legends that have survived for thousands of  years. One of the first animals to be painted in Archaic and Classical Periods, artists portrayed the power and grace of horses that, at the time, were thought to be the steeds of gods and heroes that we still read about today.


An epic collection of art work varying from vases to sculpture and coins that are currently on exhibit at the Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts in Virginia, USA. On display from February 17th till the 8th of July, 2018, this is a not-to-miss exhibit for any equine and classical Greek art enthusiast.


“The Horse in Ancient Greek Art”, features a glimpse into a time gone by. These works of art were created in the  4th and 8th centuries BC, curated by  Dr. Peter J. Schertz, VMFA Jack and Mary Ann Frable Curator of Ancient Art and Nicole Stribling and loaned from private collections, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Tampa Museum of Art, and other museum collections.


The exhibit was previously on exhibit at the National Sporting Art Museum in Middleburg, Virginia, earlier  this year.


All images copyrighted to VMFA.


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