Vickie Lawrence, Color Pencil Artist

From a young age, Vickie learned hard work and determination, and those skills have helped her throughout her horse training and art careers. A horse lover all her life, Vickie was determined to be around horses and follow her passion. When she was 15, her mother gifted her a package of four riding lessons, helmet, boots and a crop. After becoming hooked on riding, Vickie  sought out ways to create the life she wanted. She took on jobs after school to pay for her lessons, working towards her Sunday riding lesson.  She would get up at 4 am., take a streetcar across the city, take the night bus to its last stop, take the next bus to the next town, and walk 2 miles for her one hour riding lesson. “It was all worth it,” she says.


Vickie Lawrence 

Location: Canada

Website, Facebook, Email

Medium: Colored Pencil, Graphite, Acrylic 

Vickie Lawrence - Shades of Grey

As she got older, she didn’t let her passion for horses die. She worked as a stable hand in the summer, as a working student, then became a professional riding instructor and trainer for over 30 years, while also showing in hunters, jumpers and eventers.


Always continuing to learn and grow, Vickie also groomed and learned about Harness racing and started to train horses in this discipline as well, learning all aspects of horses and becoming an all around knowledgeable horsewoman. Her art career started out with graphite, enjoying the hightened drama she could create. Continuing to explore other mediums, she discovered Prismacolor Premier pencils and never looked back. With her first two color pencil works winning artist awards, Vickie continues today to pursue excellence in her art. To see more of her drawings and to commission Vickie to create you your own custom work of art, go here to her website.




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