The Kelpies ~Andy Scott: World’s Largest Equine Statues it the World~

The Kelpies horse sculpture in Falkirk, Scotland
kelpies by the canal

This week’s  blog posts are going to be about two COLOSSAL horse art works! One is really well known and has been said that is the world’s largest horse statue WHICH IT IS NOT. It is this weeks featured post,  but the other, is hardly known at all IS THE WORLD’S LARGEST HORSE STATUE IN THE WORLD~

The Kelpies~

Two Kelpies lit up~

I saw the Kelpies! Well actually, I saw the 15-foot Kelpies in Brant Park, NYC in April ~ not the 99 foot tall one’s in Scotland! The artist, Andy Scott made them out of small pieces of galvanized steel welded together to create two gigantic horse heads that  were in the works for almost seven years!

Both statues were  modeled on two Clydesdale horses, Duke and Baron as a symbolism to remember all of the heavy breed horses from Scotland that worked so hard to make it what it is today.

The Kelpies were finished in  November 2013, but opened to the public in April 2014 .

It’s estimated that these two horses will bring in 1.5  million dollars though guided tours and 350,000 visitors a year! The  Kelpies are also lit up (like the photo) to mark special days.

Here is a really fascinating timelapse on the mking of the Kelpies and a BBC Documetary! Worth to wach both!

Here are some more photos of the ones in Scotland!~

The model Clydesdales ,Duke and Barron by the Kelpies
kelpies lit up (I really like this one! Just had to add it!)

Here are some of the photos I took when we went to NYC. They were only here for a month. I didn’t have to go to Scotland to see them!

Kelpie head~
One of the Kelpies in NYC
Me with one of the Kelpies!

Hope  you all  enjoyed this post! come back Friday to see the WORLD’S LARGEST HORSE SCULPTURE!



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