The World Equestrian Games Part 2~ Laëtitia Plinguet


Beautiful Painting by Laetitia Plinguet~


Today’s featured artist in The World Equestrian Games Part two is a French artist,  Laëtitia Plinguet. She is showing her art at the  Galerie Du Cheval, at the World Games From August 28th to September 7th in France!


Laëtitia Plinguet~

Lives in: France 

Born In: 1977


Laëtitia Plinguet has been fascinated by horses since she started riding when she was five years old.She draws, paints and sculpts horses as well as rides and  trains them. She is passionate about  dressage and their  movements which  she captures in her work .    In 1988 she graduated in design and interior architecture at The School of Modern Arts in Paris, France . Her work is show in many galleries in France.


Laetitia’s Plinguet with one of her sculptures !












Another exquisite piece -- I'm so glad the artist commented on another of my pins so I could find her other works!!!  :D  Planer   - Laetitia PLINGUET Oil on canvas













Hope you all enjoyed this one of the World Game’s artists! I post Tuesdays and Fridays, so come back and check out some great horse art then!



Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !

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