Saône Stahl~ A magnificent Sculptor!!


I was so excited this morning when I checked my emails and saw that Saône de Stalh had emailed me and sent me photos of her fabulous work! I really like the movement,  boldness and heaviness that she captures in her sculptures~

Saône de Stalh~ 

Lives in: France

Born in: 1984


” Why this need to create? It is not a choice but a primary drive, instinctive, as necessary to my life than to feed me or breathe. ”

Born in Britain in 1984, a passionate creative mother, who passed her early love for art and a talented photographer father, Saone  was quickly drawing and painting.

Entirely self-taught, she is trying out different mediums (painting, installation, photography …) but  sculpture that was the natural choice as the preferred mode of creation, “My orientation sculpture, erecting, not the result of a deliberate choice was obvious. ”

Saône Stahl has always created primarily for her family, next to her occupation as a painter / decorator, before launching exclusively in 2011 to complete the project Clairvaux Obscure:

” As far as I can remember, I’ve always had this visceral need to create, feeling born in my hands the images that populate my dreams … But I never thought my creations out of exposing confidential circle of persons admitted to cross the threshold of my studio. Create enough for me and I did not feel the need to compare my work with regard to the outside world and its reality. The birth of my daughter was a revelation to my way of thinking about the future of my creations. Indeed, how could I tell her to believe in her abilities and in her dreams if I did not begin to live mine? ”

“I am a long time rider and now I have two horses that I do not ride (not to mention a pony and a donkey!). And it is obvious that I could not live without horses.”~

Saone With two of her sculptures
Saone’s daughter riding one of her horses:)



Here are her stunning sculptures!!






Arzac in Saone’s studio






























Meltemi at The World Games!
Photo: Vernissage: J-2! Belle soirée à tous!
At the Games!


I hope you enjoyed seeing Saone’s amazing art work! Make sure to check out her site for more of her art!

Thanks Saone, for sharing your large and bold sculptures with us!

See you Tuesday,


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !

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  1. Thank you Shya for the great article about my sculptures. Thank you again !

    Saône de Stalh


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