~Painted Horse Sculptures for Benefit~ Part 2!!!

You know how some times you read something in the news, but you never hear what happens  at the end of the story.  Well, a couple weeks ago I posted about ~Painted Horse Sculptures for Benefit~ and now I and having a follow up update on Horses Jump to Give a Leg Up, and Ready, Steady, Gallop! And I would like to tell you about  Horses of Honor!


Let’s start with the Horses of Honor.

Horses of Honor~

Web Site: http://www.horsesofhonor.com/

Sept 11th – First phase installation of
public art horses

Horses of Honor is a public art installation in Chicago benefiting the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. This project features life-size statues of Chicago’s Mounted Patrol Unit Horses that are each artistically designed by local Chicago artists. From September through November 2014, these public art pieces will be on display throughout the City of Chicago to honor the lives of our fallen heroes of the Chicago Police Department.
When the public exhibition concludes, the Horse Statues will be auctioned. All net proceeds from Horses of Honor will go directly to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation to better support the families of Chicago police Officers who have been killed or catastrophically injured in the line of duty.

Each horse in Chicago’s Mounted Patrol Unit is named after a fallen police officer. Horses of Honor will carry on this tribute by creating a collection of 75-100 painted police horse sculptures. The Horses will be locally manufactured using durable and weather-proof fiberglass, standing approximately 6-feet tall, 6-feet long and nearly 3-feet wide and will be attached to a concrete base for stability.


Here are some photos of the Horses of Honor!!






Tony Sparrow Horses of Honor Stained Glass Horse Detail


Spruce Meadows: Horses Jump To give A Leg Up

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Site:  http://sprucemeadows.com


Since the devastating flood of June 2013, Southern Alberta communities, businesses and non-profit organizations, are still fighting to recover from the severe financial, physical and emotional impact it had. The “Horses Jump to Give a Leg Up” program is designed to provide aid to those who are repeatedly helping others, and are now in need of help themselves – the non-profit organizations of Southern Alberta.

The concept behind this program is to increase the community’s awareness of these organizations, and the magnificent outreach programs they themselves deliver to Albertans.  Twenty non-profit groups have been selected this spring to each imaginatively decorate a life-size fiberglass horse. Once completed, each equine figure will be displayed throughout the grounds of Spruce Meadows, and later sold to lucky buyers via Silent Auction on the Spruce Meadows website. The proceeds of the sale of each horse  will go to the organization responsible for its decoration.

As of now, There are THREE DAYS left to bid. You can put your bid on one of the horses at their website:  http://auction.sprucemeadows.com/auction       GOOD LUCK!!


Sweeping  off snow from one of the horses after today’s snow storm!!!





















































Ready, Steady , GALLOP!
Clydesdale Valley, Scotland
 Site: http://www.readysteadygallop.co.uk

Ready Set Gallop! is  the name of a project that has 30 life-sized fiber-glass  Clydesdale horses painted in all different ideas that will hopefully  boost the tourism in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland.The sculptures, put in place in late June  will remain for 10 weeks, providing visitors to the town with a quirky and colorful tourist trail.The  Clydesdale horse  was chosen as the theme because of Hamilton’s location near the Clydesdale Valley.

The event was organised by the Hamilton Business Improvement District and Wild in Art, a company which organizes huge public art events.

The Ready Steady Gallop! Auction is being held on Tuesday, October 7th,  at the Hamilton Townhouse .
Very disappointingly,  vandals  destroyed one of the  horses, but the artist is working on a replacement
Hope you all enjoyed today’s updated painted ponies and check back on their webpages – their endings are coming up soon !! Remember, Tuesdays and Fridays~
Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands ! 


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