Happy Autumn!! The Sporting Art Of Christine M. Cancelli ~

Calling Them In, Kennel Woods


Happy first full day of fall! For today’s post, I’m doing Christine M. Cancelli who does fabulous paintings of racing, portraits and fox hunting! I realy like her work, and hope you  do too~


Christine M. Cancelli~

Location: Howell, New Jersey, USA

Christine M. Cancelli has had a long and varied career involving art and horses. She was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania  and grew up in Norwalk, Connecticut with her five sisters. Always interested in art, she can remember drawing horses at a very early age, copying the drawings of Sam Savitt and Paul Brown. After graduating from high school, she moved to New York City, immediately finding work as a graphic artist. She worked in advertising for a few years, then took a year off to go to Europe, touring the great museums of Italy, France, England, and Spain. When she returned to New York City she decided she needed some formal art training. While she continued working as a graphic artist during the day, she studied painting and drawing in the evenings, first at the studio of Michael Aviano, and then as John Howard Sanden’s monitor at the Art Student’s League. Shortly after a second visit to England in 1974, she decided to take riding lessons. It was also during this time she started going to horse races, hunt meets, horse shows and polo matches. It wasn’t long before her paintings started to reflect her childhood interest in horses. Finally, after seeing a retrospective of Sir Alfred Munnings’ work at the Wildenstein Gallery in 1983, she gave up her day job and decided to paint horses for a living.

Ms. Cancelli has painted many racing champions and numerous hunters and jumpers. She has traveled extensively to paint major racing events here and in Europe.

Ms. Cancelli is a full member of the American Academy of Equine Art (AAEA). Ms. Cancelli has a studio in her home and often uses her horses as models in her paintings~


Christine M. Cancelli


Here’s Christine M. Cancelli’s racing artwork!!

Irish Point-to-Point Christine M. Cancelli


Mare & Foal




Morning Sunlight



Radnor Hunt Meet





Morning Gallop, Saratoga


The Yellow Sheet, #3



Canal Turn, 1st Time Around



Jockey #2, Saratoga


Saratoga Lead Pony


Saratoga Sunlight



Saratoga Turnout



Saratoga Twilight


Greys on the Backstretch



The Horses Of Weathering Farm


And now some Fox  Hunting and portraits……



Sidesaddle Portrait
Fashionable Lady, Side Saddle Style
David O’Connor and Custom Made


Green & White, Black & Tan (Mr. Robert Crompton, III, MFH of Andrew’s Bridge FoxHounds)




Morning Exercise






(In the manner of) George Stubbs, Two Hunters and a Groom in a Landscape



Mrs. Hannum Riding to Hounds


To the First Covert


Sleeping Hound


Snow Day


See you all next Friday, and be sure to check out Christine’s site below:)



Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands ! 



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