Hip Gallery Paris, France Exhibit of Animal Art~ Saone De Stalh and other Artists!

Here is Saone De Stalh’s newest work! Below are more artists that are going to exhibiting at the Hip  Gallery’s Exhibit of Animal Art and a little bit about Hip Galery! The exhibit will run from the 20th to the 28th of November!

If you haven’t seen my past post on Saone, and her huge sculptures that were at the World Equestrian Games, you can!  https://artofthehorse.wordpress.com/2014/09/13/saone-stahl-a-magnificent-sculptor

Saône de Stalh~ 

Lives in: France

Born in: 1984

Site: http://saonedestalh.com

” Why this need to create? It is not a choice but a primary drive, instinctive, as necessary to my life than to feed me or breathe. “

Born in Britain in 1984, a passionate creative mother, who passed her early love for art and a talented photographer father, Saone  was quickly drawing and painting.

Entirely self-taught, she is trying out different mediums (painting, installation, photography …) but  sculpture that was the natural choice as the preferred mode of creation, “My orientation sculpture, erecting, not the result of a deliberate choice was obvious. “

Saône Stahl has always created primarily for her family, next to her occupation as a painter / decorator, before launching exclusively in 2011 to complete the project Clairvaux Obscure:

” As far as I can remember, I’ve always had this visceral need to create, feeling born in my hands the images that populate my dreams … But I never thought my creations out of exposing confidential circle of persons admitted to cross the threshold of my studio. Create enough for me and I did not feel the need to compare my work with regard to the outside world and its reality. The birth of my daughter was a revelation to my way of thinking about the future of my creations. Indeed, how could I tell her to believe in her abilities and in her dreams if I did not begin to live mine? “

“I am a long time rider and now I have two horses that I do not ride (not to mention a pony and a donkey!). And it is obvious that I could not live without horses.”~

Hip Gallery~

Paris, France


This showcase venue, where high technology meets specialist expertise, located between the Faubourg Saint Honoré and the Tuileries Gardens, will feature a cross-cutting gallery on two levels, and a hidden restaurant serving creative cuisine.

HIP is Paris’ first concept gallery and its latest hype venue.

What is the concept behind the Galerie Hip?
Simply put… to smash the elitist codes of the art market and gallery system, returning to the basic principles of aesthetic pleasure with scant concern for labelling styles and typologies, enabling all comers to enter the realm of beauty, whatever their financial situation, and create a space for encounter, discovery and exchange.


Here are two smaller versions of two of Saone’s equine sculptures that she is exhibiting at the Hip Gallery~



Here is one of her horses that inspire her!!


And here are a few more artists that are  going to exhibiting there!!!



Alan Courtaign


Mare of Reine.jpg







Carolle Beaudry~


Tandem II 24x30-620


atomes crochus 12x24

Aragorn triptyque


Jocelyne DOLL-Soulaine




Caballo I
fiber horse art

Brigitte philippe





  Laszlo  TIBAY



Lena Untidit




Hope you all enjoy seeing Saone’s new work and some new artists as well!


See you Friday,


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !


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