~EQUUS International Film Festival®~Missoula, Montana , USA~


~EQUUS International Film Festival®~

Founded in: 2011

Founder: Janet Rose

2015 Dates: September 18th – 20th

Location: Missoula, Montana , USA


Here is a little bit about the EIFF® from their website:

The first all-equine international film festival and conference features films, television programs, Internet videos, music videos and other media that celebrate the equine arena.    Our mission — education and understanding to enhance the equine/human bond and to improve the welfare of  equines  through excellence in film, television and other media.

Janet Rose

The EQUUS International Film Festival® is an education and outreach project of Horse Haven Montana, a not for profit equine rescue, adoption and education organization.  Founder Janet Rose believes that an event of this kind helps to promote equine welfare and well-being and enhances the equine/human bond.  Rose is a former Emmy award-winning television journalist and for over a decade developed and directed international film festivals.

~Escaramuza: Riding from the Heart~



The EQUUS International Film Festival® brings focus, attention, education, and entertainment to the equine arena in a unique way.  It provides a forum for equine issues, topics and stories — giving a voice to the equine world through media.  EIFF is also a showcase for the thousands of programs being made about equine issues.  It is a window to the equine world on an international scale.  It provides a unique opportunity to bring together a wide range of individuals and organizations — filmmakers, equine athletes, advocates, story tellers, companies and organizations with a shared interest in the equine arena.


Filmmakers, producers, others, may enter their films in multiple categories and each is considered and counted as a separate entry, then we award a best of category and a BEST OF EIFF.  If a film is entered in multiple categories, it could win in more than one category. We will have screening awards and Merit Awards as well.  These would focus on craft, story-telling, etc.

~The Marwari War Horse of The Maharja~


There is no set “theme” for this year’s conference  although a special focus this year is The Role of the Horse in Native American Life, Culture & History.  There will be a strong emphasis among films on the history, cultural past and role of the horse and other equines in the development and evolution of societies, across the globe.  We need to understand I think, the incredible impact that the horse has had on so much of society’s development, societies in Asia, Africa, North America, etc.  But this year we do have a strong focus on the horse in Native American culture.

~Horse Tribe~


Filmmakers whose films are featured will participate in panels and have an opportunity to speak. We have not yet confirmed definitive speakers but they will be individuals who are closely representative of the equine world and different aspects of it. We are expecting some incredible cultural leaders for whom the horse has played a major role and hoping for some great filmmakers and others who are known in the equine world.

~Horse Medicine~


Some of the films that will be at the EIFF include Horse Medicine, Dakota 38, Return of the Horse, Running Wild, Riding From the Heart, and many others.  Some of the other films range from the wild horse issue to thoroughbred racing,  horse whisperers, to heart-warming and heart-wrenching stories.

“This is a film festival for anyone with an interest in or passion for the equine world.  It will be a learning and networking event.  Our goal and our mission are really to raise awareness of equine issues, promote a better understanding of and appreciation for the equine world, to enhance the equine/human bond and ultimately to improve the welfare of equines worldwide. At the same time, it is also a celebration of the equine world, of the impact of the horse and other equines on our lives globally, and to celebrate also, the people who work with, train, and love the horse.  You need not be a horse owner or rider to enjoy this event, we hope it will be educational and inspiring. We also hope to have some films that will be more family oriented, and others that focus on very hard-hitting issues and more for an adult audience.”

~Dakota 38~


“Native American Studies and the Payne Family Native American Center at the University of Montana are co-sponsors of EIFF this year.   This was the first only equine film festival in the world, started in 2011 and it grew out of a the very simple mission to enhance the equine/human bond and improve the welfare of the horse and other equines, through film, television and other media.  Film is a very powerful tool for change and this was the seed of EIFF, that this film festival could be a great tool for the future of equines on an international scale. There is so much to learn about horses and to share.  But the horse is also an iconic animal, that has meant so much to the development of the world — it’s kind of a film festival and conference I think, whose time has come.”

“We hope to take EIFF films on tour around the country to communities with an equine interest and thereby spread the word and spread the message and we would be delighted to hear from any communities with an interest in hosting EIFF locally, after the 2015 EIFF.  We anticipate that the EQUUS International Film Festival® will be an annual event.”

~Running Wild~


In addition to the film screenings, They will be  showcasing  equine art & photography. They are also o working with a group to possibly have a special equine presentation (people on horseback), presenting some exciting programming.  “I always love to plan social events, receptions, parties, where people have an opportunity to mingle and get to know one another from different parts of the world ” Founder Janet Rose says.  They are also working on having  a special Native American display of music and dance.  There is a small registration fee for the festival and conference or people can purchase individual screening tickets or passes.

The EIFF also will be a very unique having a film about the only zoo in the world that is using an equine communications program (Parelli) to help in their work with and training with other prey animals that are from the It is a program that they selected to utilize after examining and investigating programs all over the world and this is the one they chose and it has apparently been working remarkably well.  As with equine communications, it is based on the concept of love, language and leadership which is kind of the basis for and theme of the Parelli program.


~Return of the Horse~





~Equitana: The Way of the Horse – Australian Horsemanship Challenge~


“Frazzica Productions (Australia) are delighted to submit one of their most popular TV programs, Equitana: The Way of the Horse – Australian Horsemanship Challenge” to the EQUUS International Film Festival®, being held September 18-20, 2015 in the heart of horse country, Missoula, Montana. As the leading equine media producers of Australia and representatives for the Horse & Country TV(UK) Australian channel, we are very excited to attend and support the EQUUS International Film Festival® in Montana.” – Joe Frazzica, Executive Producer.

“As the organizers of the EQUUS International Film Festival®, we are deeply honored that Frazzica Productions will share these incredible equine programs with us and enable us to bring them to public audiences and equine enthusiasts worldwide.  The festival and conference mission — education and understanding to enhance the equine/human bond and improve the welfare of the horse, is exemplified through these kinds of television programs and Frazzica has made incredible media.  The programs are beautifully produced, visually exciting and from an equine point of view, absolutely stunning to watch and learn from. We think audiences will be thrilled.  If you can’t physically be in the arena, this is absolutely the next best thing to being there.  This production company is doing amazing work in equine film and television and we’re thrilled to present their stunning productions in such a public forum.” – Janet Rose, Founder/Director, EQUUS International Film Festival®.

The EQUUS International Film Festival® returns to Missoula, Montana September 18th – 20th, 2015.
*The Call for Entries runs February 1 – May 1 with a late deadline for films of June 1 (10% late entry fee).

*Film Catagories:

Youth Film (Category for Entry Under Age 13 and Over Age 13) – $15 entry fee
Student Film (Made by a student, currently enrolled in an accredited academic institution) – $25 entry fee
Narrative Short (Under 30:00) – $50 entry fee
Narrative Feature (30:00-90:00) – $50 entry fee
Documentary Short (Under 30:00) – $50 entry fee
Documentary Feature (30:00-90:00) $50 entry fee
Series (please include no more than 2 segments) – $50 entry fee
News – $50 entry fee
Music Video – $50 entry fee
Animation – $50 entry fee
Public Service Announcement, Advertisement, Commercial – $35 entry fee
Non-Broadcast (such as for a museum, special conference, government agency, park, or other type of presentation) – $50 entry fee

This certainly  is an event you don’t want to miss! Thank you Janet for letting me feature your EIFF and for sharing this information with me and my readers. I wish you and everyone  at the EIFF a successful festival:)


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !

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