Sheona Hamilton Grant: The Power Of Pencil

It’s not hard to see Sheona Hamlton Grant’s fascination with graphite pencils. When I look at her drawing, “Legacy” ( to the side), her artistry makes me feel that the horse’s mane is actually flowing right in front of me, or that I am at the track on a frosty morning watching the thoroughbreds breezing by. And coming back to her drawing of “Legacy”, could this horse be a purebred stallion at an ancient breeding farm in Spain? Whatever the subject, Sheona’s drawing’s inspires you to go to unexpected places, to learn more about these these powerful, yet graceful animals artists from every corner of the globe, in every century have aspired to mimic in their art.


Sheona Hamlton Grant

Website Facebook, Twitter

Location: Bonn, Germany

Medium: Graphite


TFS: Welcome to #equinearthour, Sheona! Would you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

SHG: Hello from Germany and an extra large thank you for having me on  #equinearthour! I’m a graphite artist fascinated by the power & versatility of the pencil as well as love for equines. Each have their challenges and satisfactions. Commissions are a fabulous way to bring joy into people’s homes.


TFS: Any future shows/exhibits?

SHG: My galleries will carry on exhibiting and showing my work in 2017 and will also make sure to be present in a few online shows throughout the year. Currently working on a big project (still under wraps) which will take up most of next year so no solo shows planned for 2017 but in the works for 2018.


TFS: Where can people go to see your art?

SHG: At the Porcellino Gallery in Florence (Italy), at Bridgehouse, Bridgehouse Collections  Warendorf- (Germany) and Equis Art Gallery in New York (USA).


TFS: Any wise words for other artists?

SHG: Focus, dig deep and go for it. You are unique and once you find your voice sing at the top of your lungs 😀


TFS: What are the ways you find most useful for promoting your paintings?

SHG: Direct contact, talking and meeting with people. The internet is also a very useful form of communication. A website is vital. Social media too. It doesn’t matter which platform is used as long as it’s used.


TFS: Is there a medium that you have not worked in but would like to?

SHG: Charcoal and biro pen. Both are in the studio waiting for me to give my scribble friends a wee break.


TFS: What’s the inspiration behind your paintings?

SHG: Biggest inspiration looking to see how far I can take my pencils down the road of realism.

TFS: Do you have a favorite breed?

SHG: No, love all size breed & colour. All horses are special. fascinated by movement more than breed.


TFS: When did you first start painting and are any of your family members artists as well?

SHG: I started drawing late after I graduated, at 23. My brother is a very talented artist/graphic designer.


 TFS: What’s a typical day in your studio like?
Start early & draw daily between 2 & 4 hours the rest of the day is split between business & being a mum.

TFS: How would you describe you style?

SHG: Graphite realism.


TFS: Are there any artists you are inspired by or admire?

SHG: Loads. Rembrandt, Repin, da Vinci, Ingres, Rubens,Seurat, Magritte. Their drawings blow me away.

Thank you for letting me interview you, Sheona! Keep up the lovely work.


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