Director Of Horse Lifestyle’s Production Team Talks About Their Latest Film, “Golega: The National Lusitano Horse Fair”

 “Golega: The National Lusitano Horse Fair” opens up with the sounds of a Lustiano clip clopping down a street pulling a carriage, and from there, you are swept up in a glorious mixture of exotic horses, culture and the undeniable smell of traditionally roasted chestnuts in the small town of Golega, Portugal. Once a year since the 18th Century, people from across the world come to visit this town which hosts the largest gathering of Lustino horse breeders, buyers and admirers. From the stalls lining the street selling food, tack, and everything else to the to the entertainment provided by Luis Valenca, you can expect another grand film from Horse Lifestyle and something new to learn during all 30 minutes of this film seeped in culture and horses. Go be hind the scenes with Igor Andreevski, head of the Production Team on Horse Lifestyle.
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Film: Golega: The National Lusitano Horse Fair

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 Hello, Igor! Thanks for joining us on #equinearthour. Would you tell us a bit about what you do?
IA: Hello, thank you for having me. I am working at Horse Lifestyle as a Producer and cameraman.
TFS: What does your job include as the Director of Horse Lifestyle’s Production Team?

IA:  I direct most of the videos we produce. I also edit them myself. As a Director I have to find a suitable format to fit our program. I am trying to form the material…

TFS: When was the film made and when does the Fair take place?
The film was made last year at the Golega Fair which is usually held every November.
TFS: What does a camera man do? 
IA: Cameraman is responsible for everything in front of the lens. A shot has to be chosen, set and framed.
TFS: Do you have several cameras  working at once?
IA: Most of the time I work with two cameras. I tend to have one capturing wide shots, one close-ups.
TFS: Do you work both at different times, or do you have someone else working one at the same time? 
IA: It depends on the situation. Sometimes I just set one camera covering the whole of the shot…while I chase the “beauty shots” with the other. But, normally I always have an assistant helping me.
TFS: How long did it take to edit Golega? Did you ever have to go back and re-shoot? 
IA: Editing lasted couple of months. I haven’t gone back this year, but I would very much like to do it again 🙂
TFS: What was one of the most difficult parts to film?
IA: I think it would be the show of Luis Valenca. It was on a huge open space. It was very hard to choose the right place to really capture this magnificent show.
 TFS: How long did the filming take? Did you ever have to film in 2 different places at once?  
IA: Everywhere, but the events were evenly spread throughout the day, so I had a bit of time to do it properly.
TFS: What your advice to aspiring filmmakers/producers? 
IA: Film as much as you can, and then some 🙂 There is no school as work itself in this business.
TFS: How did you find visitors who were willing to be interviewed on camera? Did you approach people at the event or where they referred to you? 
 IA: When I see someone interesting I would just approach them and asked them if it is OK to film them. I would have filmed much more, but I didn’t have enough time 🙂
TFS: Was it difficult to film at a festival where you have no control over of different events/horses and riders? 
IA: With a little common sense and respect there is no problems with safety.  trying to frame a shot is a bit frustrating, but the lack of control makes it even more exciting.
TFS: Would you tell us a bit more about the Fair? How long has it been happening for and how many horses/visitors does it attract each year?
IA: It lasts for 10 days. People and horses come and go, so it would be hard to put a number to it. I never felt crowded. People are relaxed and enjoying themselves.
 TFS: How did you get involved in the film industry?   
IA: It was 23 years ago that I stumbled on a group of people that ganged their resources together to produce a art house film. I got hooked instantly, never stopped since 🙂
TFS: What’s your favorite part of your job? 
IA: Being around horses, around the world.
Have you worked with any other horse related films?   I started working with horses since I came to Horse Lifestyle, almost two years ago.
TFS: What’s your next project? 
IA: There are several in the making/planing. Documentary about Luis Valenca is one. And several others more that are in the making…
Thank you for letting me interview you, Igor!

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