12 Days Of Equine Artists: Day 1-Bonny Snowdon!

For the next 12 days starting on Christmas Day and ending on January 5th (the traditional “12 Days Of Christmas”) I will be featuring 12 equine artists. Over 80 artists entered in the contest to be featured on our Facebook group Art Of The Horse (which has over 3,400 members!). I used this handy tool to randomly pick 12 of the entrants to be featured on TFS. And to start us off is Bonny Snowdon with her realistic equine portraits!
Bonny Snowdon

Location: North Yorkshire, England



I’ve been drawing again since March, my daughter bought me a coloring book for Christmas last year and I just loved it! I hadn’t done any drawing since the late 80’s when I was at art college so it was a bit of a surprise when I realized people really liked my drawings. I’ve had such a lovely response and a huge amount of commission requests. This is absolutely something I want to do. I have had horses all my life and sold my horse of a lifetime in July 2016, drawing and painting horses is the next best thing.
TFS: Where can People see your art?
BS: Currently on my Facebook page HERE and keep a look out for my new website in 2017.
TFS: How do you promote your art?
BS: Has been purely through Facebook
TFS: Any wise words for other artists?
BS: Follow as many artists as possible, watch how to videos, always experiment and when someone compliments your work – take it!

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  1. Lovely work!! Great to read more about you and see more of you work.


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