12 Days Of Equine Artists: Day 2-Zoja Makovec!

For the next 12 days starting on Christmas Day and ending on January 5th (the traditional “12 Days Of Christmas”) I will be featuring 12 equine artists. Over 80 artists entered in the contest to be featured on our Facebook group Art Of The Horse (which has over 3,400 members!). I used this handy tool to randomly pick 12 of the entrants to be featured on TFS. For day two, meet a 13 year old artist from Slovenia!


Zoja Makovec


Facebook, FB page


Hello all! My name is Zoja Makovec and I am a 13 year old artist. I was born on 18th of march in  2003 and I live in Slovenia and I started drawing about 6 years ago. If you ask me, when I look at my drawings from 2 years ago I would say that they are a mess… but it just shows how I have improved. When I realized all I want to do in life is draw, I started studying and learning new things about art. After that, I bought my first sketch book and started drawing. From then on, I create one drawing every single day and because my family and friends like my work I started post them on Facebook and result was amazing! More then 800 people follow me,  so I decided to start posting in art groups. Other artists started giving me their opinion and help me with tips to get better at drawing.


Now that many people are taking an interest in my work I am accepting  commissions for equine drawing, paintings and sculptures.


I also have two horses, Sky and Luna. Both are rescue horses and l can’t wait until they would be old enough to be trained to ride. I started a Facebook page to document their journey. I love to ride! I started riding when l was 3 and l just love doing this! (even if l fell of two times :).


TFS: Do you think you will be pursuing art as your professional career?

ZM: When I finish primary school l will go to a high school for art called Srednja šola za Oblikovanje and Fotografijo Ljubljana (Secondary School for Design, Photography Of Ljubljana) which is in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I also have a lot of hobbies, mostly about horses like creating art, riding and collecting Breyer model horses (in my country this is kind of hard) and I also like drawing dragons and snakes and watching anime.


TFS: Who are your favorite artists?

ZM: My favourite artists are Rayvin Brewer and Leonardo Da Vinci.


Keep going, Zoja! Looking forward to seeing your journey into the world of art.


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